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A group is threatening legal action & demanding payment for use of the bisexual pride flag

The organization BiNet USA says they own the copyright and they want cash.

JB Comments: I wasn't even aware there was a bisexual flag to hide behind. This story shocked me that some could demand money for something like this as who designed all the LGBTQ flags - and do we see them suing for compensation ? This is disgraceful. This is unsupportive. This in the middle of a global pandemic is shocking.

So much for the LGBTQ community working together - as one - united.

Brazil’s president accuses World Health Organization of turning kids gay

He later deleted the social media post, but his advisors and followers continue to repeat it.

The sheriff fired her because she’s a lesbian so she ran for his office. She demolished him.

There will be a new sheriff in town soon.

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Trump tells pastors to forget coronavirus & pray for his re-election instead

“November 3 — that’s going to be one of the biggest dates in the history of religion, as far as I’m concerned.” READ THE STORY HERE

John Bellamy Comments:- Trump has stated that - ' 'It’s a big date, November 3,” Trump said. “That’s going to be one of the biggest dates in the history of religion, as far as I’m concerned. '

and maybe I am confused, but I thought that - maybe - just maybe - Easter - Christmas - The Ephiany, Lent, and numerous other Christian celebrations - despite the hundreds of Jewish, Muslim and all other religions combined :- yet Trump thinks that the election on November 3rd 2020 will eclipse all of these :- That he is that important :- That the Gods themselves take a back seat to Trump and that - maybe - he really is the Second Coming - and if that's the case, women take care as he will be grabbing you by the vagina and bragging about it to millions as if it was perfectly okay.

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Furloughed gay teacher fired during pandemic after being outed to his employer

Someone allegedly sent a copy of his marriage certificate to the Archdiocese. The teacher had worked there for decades.

Gay couple’s heartbreakingly beautiful wedding photos show love during pandemic

Everyone had to wear face masks - including the grooms.

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