If we start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns you gay, would Republicans stay home?

May 6, 2020


Breitbart is already denying that their readers are "idiots"

who would believe an outlandish conspiracy theory.


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Actor George Takei has a brilliant idea to trick Trump supporters into following common-sense guidelines for slowing the spread of coronavirus during the global pandemic.


He wants to start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns people gay.


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“I’m starting a rumor on the Breitbart chats that Covid-19 turns you gay,” Takei tweeted.


"That should keep a lot of these idiots at home.”


Despite the obvious joke, the far-right outlet that served as a mouthpiece for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, quickly rushed out a story denying that their readers were


“idiots” who would fall for it.


“It remains unclear if Takei’s reference to ‘Breitbart chats’ was meant to refer to reader comments sections or potentially social media replies,” they warned readers.


The site has repeatedly “reported” on a conspiracy theory that 5G wireless technology is linked to the spread of the virus.


Right-wing politicians, militia groups, anti-vaccers, conspiracy theorists, and Trump supporters have recently taken to ignoring health guidelines meant to protect lives. Breitbart‘s target audience includes the armed protestors sparking confrontations in state capitol buildings and GOP governors who are lifting stay-at-home orders while the number of deaths in their state continues to climb.


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John Bellamy Comments:


This is brilliant.  For those not up to speed, there are thousands of people in the USA who are being told by various church leaders and even some people in important places - who claim that it is gay marriage and transexuals who are the cause for Covid 19 and that the gays are responsible.

As if you ever heard such garbage coming out of intelligent ( supposedly ) peoples mouths and then expect / want to be respected afterwards - but the shameful thing is, these dumb mother fuckers DO BELIEVE IT - and DO BELIEVE that the virus is caused by the gay community.


There is zero evidence to show this is true.

There is zero evidence that these people are using their own intelligence  - clearly - but they carry a powerful lobby and are insisting on their various state open up the lockdown and allow people out to - er - catch the virus... and these Trump followers want to get the economy going again as they fear loosing global domination if and when the economy collapses and finding anyone and anything to blame for a virus, be it the Chinese, the gays, abortionists, black people, Jews and - well - anyone the white supremist Trump and his bigoted ignorant followers - the bullies - care to beilieve. 


So by spreading this story that you become gay if you catch it - bearing in mind it was THEM who said the virus came from the gays - so maybe - just maybe - these dumb pricks will so take fear of assuming if they catch it they might like to take a cock up their shitter and that God and the rest of the congregation will turn against them and how they will be doomed to a life of mysery and tons of butt fucking ... maybe - just maybe, if they really are as dim witted and as thick as to believe what they are being told - then maybe if they believe this side of the story, they might all fuck off indoors into solitary lockdown for fear of that cock up their ass and even the thought of a hairy as ssitting on their face might be enough to keep them inside and shut the fuck up.

 This above comes from an American News programme, so no letters from anyone complaining that Americans are not dumb, when we all know it is just a few - well - it is many - and sadly the vast majority of the USA are good decent people who should and could do more to take their contry back.


I love the fact thet they caim their followers are not idiots and would not believe it - but expect them to believe when they tell tham - that it actually comes from gay people in the first place and how gay marriage has so offended God that this is the punnishment - and it beggars belief. So they are dumb enough to believe one thing but not another.  


Now we know exactly how dumb they really are - huh ...


I congratulate George Takei for this initiative and - let's spread the word....


Fight them at their own game huh ?


If you catch the Corona Virus - it makes you yearn for a cock up your shitter.


One good thing - at least their taste in music will improve from heavy rock to show tunes...


John Bellamy



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Read your piece about the virus turning red neck Americans gay and loved the idea.  Your comment at the end about their music taste changing from heavy rock to show tunes did make me laugh.  Phil.


Good one John. Love George Takie and remember him as a young handsome man.  This initiative is brilliant - so lets get spreading the word. Eric



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