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Changes at Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE No other men only hotel in the UK offers as much as we do to help, support, promote and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual mind, body and soul of men.

< < < PERIOD > > >

Many resent

Many envy

Many offer nothing at all while resenting those of us who do






If you cough, sneeze or have the sniffles, then we expect to see you use a tissue and dispose of in the proper manner. BE RESPONSIBLE.

We will check your Body Temperature with an Ear Thermometer on entry and at various times during your stay. This is for everyone’s protection.

Normal : 36.5 – 37.5 °C – ( 97.7 – 99.5 °F )

Fever: 37.5 – 38.3 °C – ( 99.5 – 100.9 °F )

Please respect our right to do this.

If you are found to have a temperature, which you will probably know before coming here, your custom will be refused, you will be suggested to go home and go into 14 Quarantine and no refund offered. If we have to isolate you here for 14 days or more – we will allow a private room with facilities, provide BB&EM with a light lunch – and charge £300 per 7 days.



SOCIAL & SEXUAL CONTACT : – If done sensibly & carefully, is acceptable and expected and between consenting adults. YOU KNOW THE RISKS. PLAY SAFE – and while we have already been through our own AIDS pandemic 35 years ago, do not get caught out this time. ( Now wouldn’t that be ironic ??? …)

We have Hand Gels & Anti Bacterial Soaps, Tissues and Disposable Gloves available. Please also bring your own – as we are not here to provide you with masks etc. Please do not take ours.


Items that were freely available for our guests when paying the full price are now to be charged for if required. Please pay your server IN CASH at the time. This is for obvious reasons. Paying on Credit / Debit Card – 10% Banking Charge is added.

  • EXTRA TOWELS: £4 per towel.

  • EXTRA BEDDING: Changed within 7 days - £10

  • DINNER: REDUCED TO £15 - SAVING £10 on the usual charge We no longer serve free wine and ground coffee with dinner. These are available to purchase if required.

  • GROUND COFFEE - £2 single / £4 Double

  • CORKAGE We now charge £3 corkage if you wish to bring your own wine into the building. We supply the glasses, fridge to chill it and even wash up your glasses after.

  • TAKE OUT - If you order 'Take out' from one of the local take-aways cafes and wish to eat it here, we do now charge £3 for using our facilities and where we offer the plate etc. refreshments and condiments / ketchup etc. This use to be free but with our prices now HALF PRICE on 2019 prices - and where we are trying to stay afloat, our very generous and kindly nature in offering so much for free - comes to an end and like most venues who charge for every little thing, we now charge for some items detailed.

  • TEAS @ INSTANT COFFEE - 50 different teas & cold drinks - Freely available as before 24/7

  • BOTTLED WATER: We no longer offer free bottled water. Chilled Dorset Tap Water is available in the fridge in the Dining Area.

  • NAKED MISTAKES: Anyone leaving a little signature on towels, bedding or furniture will be charged £10 - £50 for cleaning - depending what is in need of laundry. Usually this is free but no longer. If you leave a skid mark, we will know, and you will be charged. ( It happens, no problem, we are older and less ‘in control.’ Please just be honest with us.)

WE OFFER THIS HALF PRICE DEAL because we appreciate many have lost their jobs, business' and income and desperately need a short holiday / weekend away – and we need to keep Hamilton Hall alive and not close down like thousands of other venues. It’s up to you. We hear SO MUCH about how important Hamilton Hall is and we rely on you to help keep us open and not financially sink.

Thanks for your appreciation and understanding.

NEGATIVE ATTITUDE: Anyone offering myself, my staff and my guests attitude, abuse or a condescending manner - You will be spoken to in order to adjust your manner and if this is not forthcoming -- then you will be -


We are all in this together and no one is suffering more than any one else. We are here to assist and support so please - BE NICE - OR LEAVE.

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  • ROOM SHARING: DORM ROOM : Limited to 2 persons and not 4 - one at each end of the room - so halving the number we can accommodate. IF you book to share with someone you have been in quarantine with and together book and share the same room then we can sleep 4 in the Dorm Room.

  • LARGE TWIN BEDDED ROOM: 2 persons sharing - Please use common sense.

  • LOUNGES & DINING ROOM: Please adhere to sensible spacing and watch your sniffles when in close proximity to others. We have separate tables for meals – something we swore we would never – ever do – but we can still chat and laugh together even if spaced apart.

  • HOT TUB: We have taken out the Hot Tub this year because of the running costs involved. We make our money in the summer and this has to see us through the winter. Having lost more than half the summer season due to quarantine / lock down – we cater accordingly. Financial restraints will be necessary for millions of business’ if they – like us - hope to remain functional and open.

  • RESPECT: We all need and must respect each other in this time. Keeping safe and healthy. This depends on everyone doing their part and pulling their weight and distancing – washing – taking precautions – being sensible and using common sense.

THE LESS WELL OF : Hamilton Hall has always offered cheap & free holidays to those in need but who cannot afford it. Scores of free holidays are given away every year. The elderly, the unemployed, those struggling with mental health and Carers who need time away – as Carers are just as valid as those they care for as without the carer, - well we all know what that means.

We are trying to offer those who may be a little less well off and many who are stressed out because of this whole ordeal, a chance to escape – safely – within a male only clothing optional venue that many have missed desperately because of quarantine / lock down. Now we have more freedom – BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS – YOU HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH THIS ON YOUR OWN – and any thoughtless manner or self centred attitude will not be welcomed.

We are not here to ‘ tell you off’ or be the dominant master ( although some might like that ) and we do not need spend all day every day watching you and your actions, we expect you to behave, understand, and act like a mature adult in the middle of a global pandemic where we are ALL worried and concerned, as it most certainly ‘aint all about you.

Some have their priorities all screwed up and we personally wish to offer a space to relax, recharge and become whole again until the day comes when society can get some semblance of ‘ normal life back again’ – although something tells me, that could be a long long time yet to come.

Please, respect us as we respect you and all will be fine. Offer abuse in any way and you might see a slightly less friendly side of me as I throw you out with no refund. We are not here to be your therapist or counsellor and as stated, we are all in this together - we are all worried / scared / aprehensive / and hopefully THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS.

Get it ?

Got it ? Good.

We offer all that we do with absolutely no strings attached.

Your acceptance of this, is appreciated.

With love and friendship. John Bellamy

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John: I cannot guess how many hours you have worked hard to get the wording right and the work involved in changing everything you have been doing for so many years. I spent an hour on your web site and you have cetainly given it a lot of consideration and thought. Suppose others will have to as well if they wsh to ever re open. Change is good, I just hope you muster through all this and I can come stay as usual. Miss it . Malta is dead. Everything is so quiet. Tourism makes up most of the island. Thank goodnedd for savings. I shall visit as soon as planes fly to Bournemouth again.

Aaron ( Saint Julians - Malta )

John: Read your bit about changes at Hamilton Hall and completly get it. I also run an LGBTQ venue here in the 'Once Great USA' - and while we are closed I know we shall have to make all sorts of changes in order to legally open, and how to play safe ourselves. Our President is a fuck up - a complete and utter fuck up and I am so embarrased these days to admit to be an American as it goes down like a hot potato. Well done on you John and hope you don't mind if I use some of your wording and phrases as it makes it all so much easier - so thanks for doing all the work. Truly admire you John. Really do.

Jacob. ( California )

Well done John. While I am always nagging that your prices are far too low for what you offer, I completely agree with your decision to half the prices for the summer to help those less well off to have a few days away and to help your business survive. After dozens of times at Hamiltopn Hall, I will be there as soon as you are allowed to re oppen. I will always financially help as your place is one in a million.

Dale ( Stratford )

John. What no hot tub ? What a shame, Loved it so much last year. Great memories. Totally get your reasons though. To survive we must all tighten the belt and play it by ear. I shall return as soon as you open and shall indeed be very pleased to be out of the flat and down to see you - carefully - again. I retured last year and what good timing huh ? Mike & Cliff - South London.

John: I admire how on earth you have lasted 20 years. I quit my gay guest house after just 3years as the amount of gay men who were just obnoxious towards us - in our own home - was alarming. We had no idea we would face such hostility from the very community we were aiming our B&B at - gay men. We offered a delightful venue - with its own pool and we were the same price as similar venues - but aims at gay men, and the abuse was not from the straight community around us, but from the e mails and phone calls from gay men. It happened face to face too many times and where my partner just read the riot act and threw some of these guys out as their cheek, their damned nerve - just chocked us both and we closed - changed the venue straight and have never - ever - had such rudeness as from gay men. WTF do some people think they are. So well done John. I take my hat off to you. Jeremy ( Kissimmee Florida ) John: I work in Tesco in Earls Court and you'd be amazed how rude and how up-themselves some of our customers are. We get a lot of pleasant LGBT in the store, clearly it's Earls Court and while all the bars have deserted the area, there are tons of LGBT still living here. Since the lockdown, attitudes have not always been good. I understand why you are quite firm in your wording as there will always be those who spoil it for the rest and you have to make a stand to protect yourself and your business. Well done you. Francis ( Earls Court )

John: One very annoying and arrogant prick of a gay man came into my small food store insisting we were overcharging compared to the giant stores, so after I told him to go to the giant supermarkets as clearly he was not happy in our place, he then complained it was to far away and I was local - and when I told him he had better leave as I did not need his attitude, he claimed he was out of food as the local Sanisbury's had also barred him for screaming at the staff and I was the last local food store. Under the circumstances we find ourselves in, I work 18 hours a day here and I see everyone who comes and goes, and he is now banned and having to take a bus to another supermarket and I hope his attitude has improves. While I understand we are all under duress, screaming at me did not help him in the long run. I appreciate the difficulties, but not the attitude. I run the store with my family and my Gran always says gay men are so well dressed and good mannered, but in this instance, he was not. Amin ( Hounslow )

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