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Turkey orders schools to stop letting kids draw rainbows because it’s a “plot to turn children gay”

Children worldwide have been drawing rainbows and hanging them in windows to comfort others during the coronavirus pandemic.

While governments around the world focus on finding a cure and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Turkey’s government is warning about a different ridiculous danger.

Children worldwide have been drawing rainbows and hanging them in windows to comfort others during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Turkish government has ordered schools to stop participating because it is an international “plot to turn children gay.”

Egitim-Sen, a teachers’ trade union, confirmed administrators were being instructed to end any participation in the project. The art museum Istanbul Modern has been promoting the effort to comfort neighbors and children during the pandemic lockdowns, but has also come under fire for displaying the drawings on their website.

Local activists say the government has been amping up attacks on the LGBTQ community and the pandemic has only increased the danger.

“Some of the commentators on mainstream and social media have stepped up their attacks on the LGBTI community during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Yildiz Tar, a member of the group Kaos GL, told Al-Monitor.

“This is hardly new, but it is particularly perturbing that this hate speech is repeated by officials who portray the LGBTI as the culprits, rather than victims, of the pandemic. I am concerned that this hate speech, which has intensified over these critical days, will continue after the pandemic, becoming a permanent fixture of the political rhetoric.”

“We are a vulnerable group and have become even more so during the pandemic. The coronavirus outbreak left me without a job and a home, yet when I applied for financial support from the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs, I was rejected,” Ajda Ender told the outlet.

“Not only do we not get any help from the government, but statements by members of the government and top bureaucrats put us at risk of physical and verbal attacks.”

Ender’s neighbors had repeatedly threatened her life. When she reported the abuse to police, she says officers laughed at her and told her it was the way she looks that caused the problem.

Authoritarian Turkish President Recep Erdoğan has repeatedly used LGBTQ people as a scapegoat for the country’s problems.

The head of the Turkish government’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) Ali Erbas recently used a Ramadan address to denounce homosexuality, which he said “brings illnesses and corrupts generations.” While he did not specifically mention the current global pandemic, Erbas said that homosexuality “causes” HIV, which is not true.

“Come and let’s fight together to protect people from such evil,” he said.

Erdoğan defended the cleric, saying, “What he said was totally right. An attack against the Diyanet chief is an attack on the state.”

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John Bellamy Comments:

What kind of fucking moron ? What kind of scared little boy ?

What kind of man is THAT frightened of anything LGBTQ that he sees us everythere and in everything and how a simple rainbow scares him so much that he sees it ONLY as a symbol of LGBTQ - and God Only Knows what he thinks when a genuine rainbow appears after a shower.

He must run around screaming and demanding the police go arrest someone...

Maybe he assumes the LGBTQ community caused it to rain in the first place. ...

What kind of parent ruins their childs formative years with encouraging fear and denial as what kind of adult bans children from drawing what they see in nature.

The Rainbow was the symbol of C&A's the department store which is all over Europe, and are they promoting LGBTQ rights ? - or are they just using a colourful and recogniseable creation we all know and love and has nothing - NOTHING - to do with LGBTQ.

The Rainbow is also the symbol used globally as PEACE. Often used with a white dove carrying a twig from an olive branch - also a symbol of peace... and in conjunction together, is not LGBTQ at all, but one of a global ( Christian symbolism ) PEACE. Nothing cock sucking there.

No butt munching indicated.

No face sitting.

No muff diving.

No show tunes playing.

Nothing indicating being born in the wrong body.

Nothing sexual at all. Let's say this again -


Sick and twisted fucked up individuals living in fear and under extreme religious intollarance based on down right lies and bullshit.

Sexually frustrated men who simply are not getting enough.

Women who feel they have no power over a gay man because many - MANY - are brought up to manipulate men with their vaginas - sexuality - and then SCREAM BLUE MURDER if and when a man makes a move and they are not willing partners - so many women use their sex as a way of getting what they want but if it is taken too far, BOY you can be in mega trouble.

Are they to ban drawings of bunnies

as we all know what bunnies do


This madness right in the middle of a global pandemic where millions are under quarantine

lockdown around the world and where almost everything has ground to a halt, and where the world is in finacial meltdown like we have never seen before - and these pathetic LITTLE men - as that is what they are - SMALL - are more concerned as to what people do in the privacy of their bedroom than in worrying about the death of thousands. Isn't it sad that the church - the religions of the planet - have taught us that God loves us EXCEPT if we are LGBTQ - and in some religions., if we are black, Jew, Muslim, ANYTHING that differs to that religion alone, and God does not work that way but the limited scared mind of men and women - not God at all and I am appalled that they can claim to know what God wants and what God demands and what God means... and God must be so tearful that Her / His children have so distorted a thing of such beauty to make it ugly and use God's own name to bring strength to their arguments. God -( if God was to judge which I do not believe God does at all - we judge - God doesn't - ) would be appalled at how mankind is so small minded and happy to stay ignorant and unenlightned.

How sad.

John Bellamy

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