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Thankyou Dan, for your thoughtful words.

Hi John

Never been to Hamilton hall, but i have followed you for years. I follow because i have the utmost respect for you as a man and a human being I always tell people i am NOT a flag waving queer. I have a hatred for snowflakes and gays screaming about their rights, when they have done nothing to earn them Older gays have fought and in some cases died for the rights that are now enjoyed by the young these days I get so pissed off when some celebrity says they have be homophobically abused etc I dont care what people call me, poof, queer, fag or the not often heard favourite of mine Shirt lifter lol

Which is odd as i am a total bottom lol

The funny thing is that the most horrendous and downright nasty homophobic comments have come from other gays who think they are better than others The reason for writing to you is to just give you encouragement and to say thank you for all you do for humanity I read your blog everytime it arrive in my inbox

I read and always wonder how you carry on, but i am glad you do.

I am lucky as i have 2 adult children who live with me so i have not been lonely during lockdown.

But, I have promised myself that when this is all over i WILL come down for a few days to enjoy the facilities

Please take care of yourself, so sorry to hear of the cracked rib.

It is so easy to do, a friend of mine broke one by laughing. But i do know it is painful

Also please do not let people take advantage of you, it looks like you don't but be vigilant lol Long may HH prosper

Sending best wishes and a virtual hug (god i miss hugging people)

Kindest regards


PS I was the guy who you mentioned about getting a message from about snowflakes

Yes the one who always writes Kindest Regards lol

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Hey John

Great that you keep your emails going when the virus has shut everything down..... thanks... you deserve success and hope you're weathering the shut down OK...

You show guys what we all need to feel good about our lives and spread happiness.. hopefully you can re-open mid-July... will look forward to a few days naked relaxation @ hh

Fab bank holiday photo selection... couldn't say which is best... always great seeing sexy guys displaying beautiful erections...


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