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Escape to the Chateau

I fel madly in love with Dick and Angel Strawbridge earlier in the year. For those who know, these intrepid people bought a very run down old French Chateau is deplorable condition, and through a 5 year restoration project filmed for Channel 4 - have turned it into a splendid B&B and wedding venue and I have loved watching every single minute.

I fell in love - not just with the 2 f them, but with the chateau and the thought of being ale to do such a thing. when doping up a venue of this kind it takes a great deal of money and hard work but also patience - a huge amount of patience, as nothing will ever go exactly as planned and no building work on this scale will ever be easy and you truly do need a team around you youcan trust.

Dick and Anmgel have it perfectly worked out - he does all the heavy structural building stuff and she does the decorationg and finnishing touches that make it a home. Raising two small children must be a nightmare for them but wonderful for the children to have so much soace to roam around on.

When I came to Hamilton Hall, if I had spoken French or Spanish I would have probably not come to Bournemouth but headed for sunnier climates. I probably would have done something similar to Dick and Angel and would have loved the space and the land and all that goes with it.

I have thoroughly fallen in love with the whole programme and is on at 6.55pm every evening during the week on More 4.


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