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One Year of Log Cabin Building / One Man Building His Dream House

13,627,168 views on youtube

Cruising bored one evening on youtube - a log cabin build came on screen and I thought it was a build done on camera in 20 minutes, and as the guys looked cute, I put it on.

Over 2 hours later I couldn't believe I was so mezmerized and interested in this build, which was still not complete even at the end of over 2 hours. It was now past 2am and I was still there watching with fascination.

I learned after that that there were numerous videos building the same house bit by bit and I was hooked. The work involved is astounding.

First he single handedly cuts down over 90 selected trees. He then trims them and scrapes the bark off each and every one and the work involved is huge. Over the course of several more videos the build was slow and we got to see every bit of what he was doingand for those of us wth a bit of DIY knowledge, this was on another level completely.

You could say it was a bit like watching paint dry, but he is a hot man and worth watching and it calmed the mind. Check it out. HERE

BLOG HOME PAGE Thanks for this. I have watched this guy for a while as he built a tree house in youtube some time ago and now have followed him through to this build. You are right, it is slow, but so relaxing to watch and I feel exhausted just watching the amlount of hard graft he puts in - mostly alone. Well worth a watch. Trevor R.

All that work for such a small space. But what a build, him and the house. Wonderful stuff. Larry.

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