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I can't breath

I can't breath. Please share this as many times as you can.

George Floyd was murdered by the police.

He kept screaming 'and the cop who was kneeling - yes kneeling - on his neck / throat had his hands in his pockets as he did so.

This is brutal. This is against training guidelines

This is murder.

and he kneels there with his hands in his pockets


Illinois governor ‘immediately’ confronted Trump on call after president’s demand to ‘dominate’ protesters

WATCH: White men brandishing machete attack and beat nonwhite protester in Minneapolis

Illinois man facing felony hit-and-run charges after driving motorcycle through George Floyd protest march

John Bellamy Comments: It takes quite a lot to shock me these days.

I have lived. Oh how I have lived.

And I have partied, long and hard.

I have travelled, read, studied, become someone I would respect and I value life, death and the universe and above all, I believe in love. Love for my fellow man, For my country. For all different cultures, colours, religions and even hair colour. I may be a bit of a mad thing, but I do believe we all have a right to freedom, to safety and to a rule of law that is honest and fair for everyone. Compromise of course has to be made by us all as no law will cover every situation and every cultural difference, and we all make compromise and accept.

Where things do not work or where things are unjust, then I believe we all have the right to demonstrate and put our point of view, insist our voice and our choices are heard and demand change.

This is every living persons right as a human being.

Nothing gives another the right to hold power over another.

Tell that to the dynastic families who rule, who govern, who own and who boast - and who bully and coerce and demand and who create wars just to get what they want, and we the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, - the wretched refuse of our teeming shore, Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door and where we shall screw them all into submission. Give me your tired and your poor so we can get cheap labour and take advantage - MASSIVELY take advantage, of the under classes, yearning to simply breath free and have some kind of happiness and comfort in their lives from all the hard work they have put in so someone else can get rich while you grow old and die.

And few will know or care.

America. When you peel away the vaneer of democracy, you see it is nothing of the sort. It is a bully boy regime and - basically - has been for a very long time. Land of the Free - what a fucking joke that it.

Giving people a choice between 2 corrupt politicians - 2 corrupt systems - both as corrupt as each other - is not a choice and so therefore, is not the Land of the Free... it is the Land of the Bully - who will cheat and lie and murder and show so little compassion, it beggars belief and now, even China is laughing at how scared the Big Boss was when a riot he caused gets a little close to home so, off with the lights, let's all go hide in the basement. WTF ?

America is the world biggest problem these days.

Not Iran

Not North Korea

Not the Sudan

Not Syria

Not Cuba

Not Iraq

Not Libya

Not South Yemen

Not Pakistan

Not Turkey


It causes world destabilisation through its bullying for oil and gas - food - health and anything it can bully from others and when in the middle of a global pandemic - the President of what is known as ' The Free World' - stops payments and support to the World Health Organisation and bitches about them, - it staggers how the people - the poor huddled masses yearning to breath free, don't STAND UP AND FUCKING DEMAND THEIR VOICES ARE HEARD, and if that means taking a fall, then at least I - personally - would die knowing I was trying to do something and not rolling over so Trump can fuck me with no lube Let alone with no please or thankyou. I think it is called rape. What the USA is doing to the planet, is no better than rape, and as for the poor victims - well - they deserve it - they asked for it - they want it - they secretly enjoy it - or so Trump thinks.

Murdering cops in the USA is not new. Nothing will be done. Riots will happen., More people killed ( more BLACK people will be killed ) and jaled and beaten and pepper sprayed because they are standing up against the violence of the police and the police will respond with - YOU GUESSED IT - MORE VIOLENCE, and so the cyecle of violence continues as the bullies in government want to beat you down, take away your rights and enslave you to their system of controil.

Too David Icke ?

Well open your eyes and you will see that this is exactly

what is happening and the


John. Felt so passionate about Black Lives Matter that my husband and I came out of isolation this week to attend a rally against police brutality, here in upstate New York, and guess what, I got clubbed over the head and shoulders by a policeman even though we were clearly just standing and watching from the sidelines. We are 54 and 76 - we are not a young hip couple at all. I walk with a stick and my husband had a pacemaker put in 2 years ago- and to be clubbed over the head - which knowcked me out for about 20 minutes according to my husband, then meant hours in hospital getting stitched up and all because of police brutality aimed at those who were complaining about police brutality. We have medical insurance otherwise this would have cost us thgousands of $ and for what ? A brute of a policeman attacking two geriatrics standing at the side, one with a stick and the other with a walking frame, and I bet he felt real proud of himself attacking a couple of OAP's.

I am English ( been here alomst 35 years ) and my husband is from Colorado and we live here in upstate New York and have always loved the USA but the last decade or so has seen things deteriorate dramatically and all the good work the USA stood for - has been eroded by liars, cheats, thieving politicians and corporate greed. My husband is African American and we know all too well the times he has been stopped and searched, harassed, intimidated and accused of all sorts of things he was innocent of. As a Law Professor when he worked, he knew his rights and when you state this to the ignorant cops who DO NOT KNOW THE LAW , they treat you even worse and waste even more hours processing paperwork etc. and just genuinely, mess you about as long as they can. They don't care. They are on the clock and being paid.

The USA is in a mess John and we are fearful for where this awful administration under Trump is taking us. Our country has never felt so hated before. I admire your Blog and read it often. Thanks for including us on your data base. Robby and Francis.


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