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Sex at home with someone who you don't live with is now illegal.

Sex at home with someone who you don't live with is now illegal. New rules in force from today make it illegal.

This is what you need to know.

You are going to have to stay at home all alone for another few months.

What do the new rules mean?

The rules mean that people in England are not allowed to socialise with anyone in a private, indoor space with anyone they do not live with.

Prior to the new rule beginning on Monday, June 1, a person visiting someone's home for sex would have been the one in breach of the measures - but the rule change now means that both people would be breaking the law.

What about public places?

It is already illegal to have sex in a public place, and the rules surrounding this remain unchanged.

Who does the ban not apply to?

The new legislation, banning people from socialising with anyone in a private, indoor space with anyone they do not live with, doesn't apply to the following people/situations:

  • Sports professionals

  • People attending funerals

  • Vulnerable persons fleeing a risk of violence

  • Carers

  • Those with unavoidable work commitments

  • Those moving home

  • Those people who need to get medical assistance

Further guidance on those attending funerals of a loved one

Given lockdown rules still ban people from socialising with anyone in a private indoor space with anyone they do not live with, those attending a funeral of a loved one are allowed to stay overnight, but this must be a member of the deceased person’s household, or a close family member of the deceased person.

What about athletes?

Athletes will be able to stay in a different location to their own homes if they are training for a competition.

That rule applies to coaches, elite athletes, and their parents.

What other changes have the UK Government done?

Over the weekend, the UK Government updated shielding guidance for the nation's most vulnerable people.

The change allows more than two million people across England to emerge from their homes for the first time in ten weeks.

Those with cancer, liver disease and severe asthma, who have been self-isolating from the virus for many weeks, were informed by text message.

The Shielded Patients List (SPL) was put in place to help the most vulnerable during the pandemic, but some people have now been informed they are no longer on the list - without being told by their doctors first.


Well there you have it. No more sex for the time being.

John Bellamy Comments: I am astounded how many men on various sex web sites still want to come over and have sex. I still visit the various sites 'on line' and still chat to guys to see if they are okay and doing well under lockdown and I am astounded how many tell me they are not adhering to social distancing and are continuing to fuck their brains out with complete strangers despite the warnings. I am quite vocal and tell them that I shall never meet with them in the future as their actions are irresponsible - and if irresponsible in this, how can I trust them in other ways - and I am actually disgusted. At a time when the whole world is in chaos - when humankind is standing on the brink of something life changing for not just for us in the UK and not just the LGBT community and not just Asians - Caucasions, Blacks etc... but absolutely everyone. Rich and poor. Educated or poor. Democrat or Republican. Some of these dumb mother fuckers lived through the 1980's epidemic of HIV and although positive, survived to become undetectable, and now they want to put all that at risk and fuck their brains out in the middle of a glopbal pandemic where law and order, to them, does not count. I am often appalled at how irresponsible some within the LGBT community can be. How many cannot stop. They simply cannot stop thinking, eating, breathjing SEX and if they do not get their daily fuck, their whole persona suffers.



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However: It does concern me - as it should all of you - as to when this law will be dropped and it will not be illegal any more. Is this law going to be left in place and are we to be classified as illegal every time we want to meet someone for sex - as how is anyone - gay or straight - to continue meeting, dating, even falling in love and marrying - gay or straight, if we cannot ' test the goods first ' - have sex from the beginning - even if just once.

There is a very dangerous precedence being set here and life and death will be the words used to defend this law - and I accept the dangers - but to unilaterally ban sex in this manner - with no guidelines as to how long this is for - is frightening for many.

MILLIONS are not in a committed relationship.

MILLIONS enjoy a sex life with strangers.

MILLIONS will be seriously affected by this

MILLIONS will not understand

MILLIONS should get it though and see the logic., This is not a personal attack against you or me, gay or straiught, the government is doping what it hopes will help as - with nothing to compare with and with absolutely no guidelines from past experience - mistakes will be made and all we can do is the best we can do.


' I am not responsible '


Boris may irritate the crap out of me with his appalling manner in desperate need of a VOCAL COACH to teach this prick how to speak coherantly and precisely, where 'We the people' undersatand clearly what he is saying instead of adding complete confusion - but I would vote a thousand times for Boris if all we had was Trump as an alternative.

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After I sent this out as part of the weekly Newsletter I had a somewhat childish email from someone disputing the fayt that the UK has outlawed sex with strangers in your home and wanted to kow where I got the story from. I pointed out in return that if he actually took the time for himself he could make a search on Google and see how every single UK newspaper has it on their front pages ( on line ) and is so easy to find it beggars belief.

He then accused me of being wrong - sending all sorts of complicated web stuff that I was really not interested in and he STILL seemed unable to find anything 'on line' concerning this and continued to try and argue with me through e mail until I blocked him. I just got fed up woith hjis childish moaning all the time. If you are too damned lazy to find things 'on line' for yourself, then do not expect someone else to do it for you.

It always is the case, as we all know the expression 'There is always one ' - and whenever I send out a Newsletter there is always one - one person who likes to find fault while doing fuck all for anyone else but complain about those who do.

DO NOT point out my spelling mistakes or you will be slapped - I KNOW - I don't always have time to re read and check everything I do as I am busy and if you can understand and read through the mistakes, then no problem. Stop moaning.

These are hard times for many and while we are clapping the NHS, what about a clap for all the elderly who have been housebound for 3 months for no reason of their own - and because of some dumb shits in China causing and creating this global pandemic because they cannot stop shoving live animals in their mouths for food - covered in filth, vomit and who knows what, the NHS are NOT the only ones being brave throughout all of this, as millions who are in isolation / quarantine are the ones suffering in silence - with depression - loneliness - boredom - creates all sorts of mental health worries and when this breaks and life goes back to normal - if and when - the fall out from all of this will be huge and the mental state of many will be affected negatively - and THAT is when the real tragedy starts. THAT is when certain parts of the NHS are going to be busy and THAT is when many peoples lives will be seen to have unrevalled in this isolation period.

It is most certainly not just the physical problems involved, it is the emotional, the mental and the horrors of not being able to attend a friend or family members funerals, which will always be with you. It is not being able to see your loved ones. It is so much more than just the obvious- and fear for the future atmosphere will permiate for years to come. JB.

Your comments: John

Thanks for this -clever of you to source this one as I can find little written about it.

I presume this means that stays at Hamilton Hall are now celibate meetings?

I just wondered how ths effects the special weekends that you run?

I wondered if this ruling puts you in a difficult position of policing activity ?!!- that would be over and beyond normal duties!

I loved your comments about so many people are effected and I know folk who choose not to live in the same house, have a loose relationship and enjoy a good sex life. Presumably under the letter of the law their sex life has to stop until…….??

I appreciate your newsletter thanks for the work that you put into it.

Stay safe


John. Spent an hour on the internet following your piece about no sex with strangers and have been astounded. They certainly kept that one quiet. So when will the law be repreived - and when will we be legally allowed to fuck with strangers again. The dangers of this law are huge - for everyone, gay and straight. Raulph.

What ? No sex with strangers ? I might as well die here and now. I understand the reasons, stop the virus - but with no end in sight - when will we be legally allowed to have sex again. Not that this ever stopped a gay man from finding sex in the past - and long before the internet and bars etc... we managed. Ivor.

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