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homophobia comes from gay men




If you were to ask the vast majority of men who claim to be 'OUT AND PROUD AS GAY MEN ' - I think you will find that the vast majority have been - were - and in many instances STILL ARE - married to a women - and I also think the vast majority also have children.

Many assume gay men never to have had sex with women when the truth is - because homosexuality was illegal for so many years - and because of the stigma put in place against the LGBTQ communiuty by ignorance, fear, religion and grown up men scared shitless of their own sexuality let alone something a little different so damn and destroy out of nothing but personal fear - better known as homophobia - and do not assume women are not homophobic as well - because some are. Some are brought up to be their Fathers Little Princess - and are taught by Mothers that they have one thing that can control a man, keep him controlable and that is through a womens vagina. If she promises sex - a man will often jump though flaming hoops like a trained dog.

Sex is metered out by so many wives like payment - like a reward - for work well done.

'Well done darling. You repaired the roof, serviced my car for me, mowed the lawn, carried all the heavy shopping in for me, followed me around doing as I ask / demand and in return, I might - might - offer you sex tonight - BUT I also might have a headache later...'

and straight men - like lap dogs - do as they say and it is really cringey to see these masculine men brought down by the need of sex from someone so keen to use it to get what they want.

I met a man years ago who told me in 12 years of being married he only saw his wife naked once, when she forgot her bath robe and ran between the bedroom and bathroom naked.


Once a month - in the dark and under the bed clothes, she would pull up the bottom of her full length nightdress, cringe and look away but say - ' Go on then - get it over.' - and he was able to fuck her - BUT NOTHING AT ALL ELSE, SHE NEVER - EVER - TOUCHED HIM.

They had 2 children and after 12 years of putting up with this, he came out as a gay men, divorced her and came to see if he was good enough to be a sex worker on my escort agency.

Well - He was 6'4" - handsome, short dark hair, broad and muscular, hairy chested and hung like a fucking donkey and as I said to him at the interview when he stripped off...

' Hun, why wasn't she licking you from head to toe - all over, every crevice and every nook - you are fucking STUNNING...'

He did brilliantly as a sex worker and over 25 years later he is STILL selling sex and still enjoying himself sexually after all those wasted nights sleeping next to a refrigerator.

Homophobioc women cannot ckntrol a man with her vagins if he is gay and some women do not like loosing / not having that control over men and so, will be homophobic and bigoted not because we are different, but because we do not suck up to her cunt and turn into blithering idiots in order for a sniff or a fuck... We do not need them. Period. And some women just hate that. Only some, as by and large from my experience, most women love gay men as we are not a threat to them sexually, we are not a threat to their feminine side and we have no expectations of them.

The vast amount of problems thrown at gay men are from the straight men hiding in the closet with a wife and kids at home and who may very well visit the gay scene and may very well be enjoying a gay sex life but their wife at home knows nothing and they live in hiding - lying to their family, lying to themselves and lying and being obnoxious because they are bitter and angry and this can often be the hidden cause for many family break up.


Religion is another item used to throw at people who are homophobic but they forget that - in fact - the Bible says no such thing and all they do is pick and choose which bits they do want to follow - and ignore so much more.

It is an abomination to eat crab / lobster / pork/ to wear any mixed fabric / to have sex with ANY family member / to interbreed different breeds of animals ( 95% of the world milk comes from cross bred herds to make bigger milk yields - an abomination ) Trimming your facial hair / growing more than one crop in a field at a time - and the list goes on and yet most of this list is ignored and the main part - Man should not lay with man as with a woman - is picked up and ran with while the rest - they hypocritically ignore.

The most amount of homophobioc abuse - and general abuse - we have received at Hamilton Hall is from local married men who are bitter and angry at how free we are and how restricted their lives are, and let us not forget, this was their choice.

I am an out gay man. Never had to hide - ever. Never at work. Never from my family. Never in life.

Many on the LGBT scene resent. Many on the straight scene resent. Seems jealousy and resentment are rife within peoples psyche instead of - like me - being quite happy with things the way I have manifested them for myself.

You can do the same.

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