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stiffy - or not to have - a stiffy - that is the problem.

When a good dear staight friend of many years standing, married with grandchildren - all embarrased one afternoon 6 months ago, asked if I knew anything about Viagra - I was my usual informal relaxed self - chatting about the different types and the for or against etc.

I have absolutely no problems talking about sexual matters and am aware than many get all ' up tight' or shy away and are embarrassed - and when dealing with me, there is absolutely no need at all - you see - I have been there - done it thousands and thousands of times - in more ways and with more people that I - at 65 years of age - have had days of my life - ( I can see you reaching for the calculator here - 365 X 65 = 23,725 - and actually, it could well be many more than that... ) so - no need to be embarrassed at all.

He stated his pee was very slow and he dribbled sometimes, and this got me to get him to the doctor as I knew his Prostate was swolLen, very common in older men and is exactly what I have - a swollen prostate. This can block your urine flow and it can take ages to pee and when you think you have finnished... oh there is more as soon as you put your pecker away - dribble.

Not nice. Funny. But not nice.

The medications the doctor put him on are more or less the same as mine and as the doctor does warn that the meds KILL YOUR HARD ON - and more than that - IT KILLS YOUR SEXUAL URGE - and it is easy to go months and months without even thinking about sex and as far as waking with a stiffy in the night - forget it - that's a thing of the past.

It's age. It's medicinal side affect. It's natural.

If a partner complains ' Oh you haven't got a stiffy, don't you fancy me any more ?'

Answer than ' You never did ,- you were just using them as a convenient hole to fuck and now you have gone off that same old sloppy hole and that's the reason... ha ha ... and THAT will definately anchor your relationship. ' No - don't say that - I was mucking about...

As I told this friend, his wife went through the menopause 10 years ago and for a very long time there was no sex at all as she was having hot flushes all the time, headaches, and even after her hysterechtomy - she was not that fast and coming forward for a long time, so to now have an attitude because her husband / partner cannot get a stiffy, is a bit rich - considering.

So he asked me what I knew about Viagra.

I use Kamagra Gell . There are many different ones to choose from and I would suggest anyone interested to go to this web site and read up on all the various products available and make an educated decision for yourself. Kamagra4uk


You do not need the whole sachete, just half at any one time. Do not take poppers. Do not take anything that speeds up the heart. Always keep food and drink nearby in case your blood sugar level drops and be sensible. Do not allow your new found stiffy to control you - you control it.

Always read the instructions and always play safe - DO NOT take more than the recommended dose and be aware it can take a while to work and you do need to be aroused to get it stiff, it doesn't just go stiff all on its own.

My friend came over and I gave him a packet of Kamagra Gells and with instructions of what to do, all embarrassed - he said he didn't know anyone but me he felt comfortable talking about this kind of thing with for although he was straight and he knew we were just friends, he had never spoken like this about his own body - and its recent failings - to anyone... and with absolutely no judgement at all, I was only too pleased to be able to help.

If you are going to use any stimulant to help with erectile problems, ALWAYS be sensible and ALWAYS read the web sites and instructions first. I am not connected to this company in any way. I just buy my own Kamagra through them and they have always been prompt and efficient. With so many on the internet to choose from, you have no idea who to trust.

Practice all of the following guidelines before taking Kamagra safely:

  • Don’t take this medicine if you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate or other ingredients of Kamagra.

  • Don’t allow other known men to take Kamagra if they have abnormal blood pressure.

  • Don’t take Kamagra if you have cardiovascular problems or heart diseases.

  • Don’t swallow this medicine if you have any other serious disease.

The choices in life, as they always have been, are all yours to choose.

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John. Read your bit about Viagra and Kamagra. Thanks. It was perfectly timed for me. No hard on for months. Thought my sex life was over. Having to prepare each time in advance takes away the moment, but as these ,moments now have to be planned in advance, the spontanuity has gone, but as I am now 72 and no spring chicken, the whole spantanious thing went decades ago. It worked real well. Well pleased. Blocked my nose and gave me the biggest hard on I have had in a long time and it was really nice to feel my dick hard and full and weighty and in all its proud glory once again. Thanks. William.

Don't go down th rabbit hole John. I sniffed Poppers one evening, forgetting I had used Viagra, and passed out moments later on the couch and came to - no idea how long later, and I have projectile vomited everywhere. Luckily only a gallon of popcorn while watching telly earlier, but I was VERY shaken up, very queezy, and while I just grabbed tons of handy towels and just covered everything in towels, deciding I was far too ill to clean up there and then, I managed to stagger to bed where I eventually fell asleep and was fine in the morning. The stiffy ad been superb until I sniffed poppers. Big mistake. Be careful. Brian .

Had sex with a man less than half me age some time ago and he popped a Viagra and I was somewhat amazed. At less than 30, why is such a young man even considering taking a stimulant to help with erectile problems when he should not have to use in any case at his age. I do note that on several of the sex sites I visit they promote various Viagra type drugs to the young, guaranteeing they will have a stiff dick all night - when at that young age, I should think they would keep a hard on all night anyway,.

Seems irresponsible for young guys to take it when there is no need. Us older generation, we need it and thank goodness we are born in a time when it is available. Robert.

In the old days when we use to have to wear a condom it killed my dick instantly. I only had to reach for a condom and already - stiffy dick was already becoming droopy dick. I know it is mental, bt physically, I never got on with condoms although used them for decades. When Viagra came along, hoorah for stiff dickkies - it workls and it works well and I have never looked back.



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