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Loads of groups and individuals have tried / suggested / searched for properties / never had enough money - never enough trust between investors - not enough people with the vision to put something like this together - no one brave enough to be the first - to stand out - to be the face of something new.

Well Hamilton Hall started taking full time live in guests 3 years ago and we have been much admired for setting an example for others to follow - be it how we run Hamilton Hall for guests - or for our live in guests.

More lockdowns yet to come ?

More periods of uncertainty.

No one knows the future and no one is safe.

No one wants this to continue longer than it already has but it does seem to be lasting many - MANY - months yet to come.

Is this the time to reconsider your living conditions ?

Do you live alone ? Are you isolated during this lockdown ?

Do you miss company - even if just watching telly together ?

Would you enjoy a social dinner every evening with friends ?

Would you like your own room all for yourself while sharing a Clothing Optional Venue with other men ?

Beautifully appointed.

Beautifully located.

Home from Home. Is it time to make some life changing decisions before we are all swept up in the Virus Storm again ? Is it time to consider Community Living for men ?

This is something much talked about but never achieved - where committees and those running various groups cannot agree on anything and it all takes such a time to do the simplist thing - and if large groups cannot do this - if various organisations cannot do this - then it is up to an individual to be the first and three years ago, COMMUNITY LIVING at HAMILTON HALL was born and at last, someone was out there offering this much needed approach for older gay / bi men when they feel they need some company - Not in a Care or Nursing Home - just a home with other men in a very luxurious setting close to the sea, shops and doctor.

Not a faceless corporate / council run cold and impersonal venue.

No bland boring decor.

Not a place that smells like a hospital all the time.

No 'school dinners' that take you back decades to overcooked food with no taste.

Owned, run, hosted and even all the cooking done by one individual with your comfort in mind.


n having a ball.

Is this the time for you to make some changes ?


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