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I'm thinking these are fake. What do you think ?

Okay so the bottom picture is real and maybe, one or two of the others are realas well.... although we can all dream and we can all imagine but when push comes to shove, having an enormous dick is a REAL handicap,

Having run a huge gay escort agency for 15 years and having employed hundreds of hot hot hot men - not boys - all men over the age of 30 on the agency - I have met some truly TRULY stunning men and with HUGE COCKS that put me to shame - and I'm not exactly small - but when we talk and when we have shared and when sometimes we have sex together - which happened if and when a client wanted to watch me having some fun sexually and I could pick my partner from my own agency and - naturally - I always chose the hottest guy as I would NEVER have sex with my escorts UNLESS it was professional as otherwise, it is taking advantage as the boss and I just hate hate hate that... and when the truth comes out...when they tell me how few they can fuck as it is simply too big ;- how they never get deep throat and in some cases, too big to even get the head in your gob... and believe me.,.. many try... it is a handicap. It is a knob too big. Fabulous to play with and have fun with - maybe once - but then .....

A huge dick frightens a lot of people, it also garners a lot of resentment and bitchiness from those with smaller willies and the animosity from those less well hung is sometimes astounding... if only they knew how obvious their envy was and how clear we can all see it.

If you have a tiny dick, then love your dick, enjoy what it can do, it's the only one you have got and there's no changing it .... Resenting anyone who has anything you do not is so sad - and I have seen it SO MANY TIMES, these guys who are stunning, getting bitched by lesser people simply out of jealousy and envy.

WE all have what we have. Get over it.

Charles Hawtrey was one of those famous actors always seen in th Carry On films who was so resentful he was not taken seriously as a leading man that he became a resentful, nasty mouthed drunk - throwing abuse at anyone and everyone and was generally hated at the end of his life and all because of his self image not being what he wanted as a leading man.

I suppose we all need to learn our limits - what we can and what we cannot do - and be happy with that. Try and push the envelope - as they say - try and have more in your life, but if it does not work, be happy with what you can achieve and be proud of that. We all want to be different. We all want more, bigger, harder, faster, deeper - whatever - when all any of us can do, is accept what we have and be thankful.

Anything else - is so sad.

And if I hear from you that the picture of Charles Hawtrey was the biggest turn on out of the lot... ha ha ... I will laugh....


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