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You can enter if you look like this

In lockdown now for 12 weeks. Sex with strangers in their home is now illegal.

I can see the reasopns but hope this law will be repealed as soon as all this is over.

Hopwever: While you are not allowed into Hamilton Hall as yet - if you happen to be one of these gents, or look like one of these guys, you are welcome - top floor - my room - more or less any time.

I wonder if you can spot ' the type' I am going for here ....

Other than the cop at the end here, who reeks of attitude, the others all look smiley and friendly and are not trying so hard to look sexy - and I like that natural sexy look without trying... anything else is attitude... Oh and I love hairy bearded man... so ...

Oh and please do not send me your e mails claiming I am inviting people into my home - as I am joking - I am in isolation like everyone else - no sex - no friends around to visit - and have only seen my brother once in all this time and then from a distance - and a local lady friend who gave birth to her first born a month ago, I have not seen either - so thanks. I am joking...

Got some pictures to share ... send them in...

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