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It's not all about you.

None of us are alone in this.

Stop acting as if it is all about you.


When someone acts as if everything that happens around them is all about them :- And when that person seems unable to comprehend that others are involved :- And when that person seems to completely disregard what others are going through and when that person seems to be unable to comprehend anything beyone themselves, then - sorry - but isn't this surely - the time to speak up and put them straight ;- And if that means being harsh and forceful to get your point across, then so be it.

If it means hurting that person emotionally - not physically - then as they are hurting others with their self centred approach, a little hurt back does no harm but hopefully wake them up to the realities and how their selfish manner does in fact rebound / reflect / onto others.

Some really do not seem to get this.

Maybe their ME ME ME attitude is so ME ME ME that they really do not see - do not hear - do not get - that everyone is having a hard time at the moment and their actions are making it harder on those around them - not easier - and those close to them are having to cope with their own shit as well as having you and yours weighing them down as well.

How self centred.

How selfish.

When someone recently asked about what we are doing here to make changes because of Covid 19 - and after going into detail - I got a :-

' Well if I have to wear a mask around Hamilton Hall then I won't be coming'

and this really pissed me off and I spoke up.

From Monday June 15th - every passenger on every bus, every train, every coacch and all forms of public transpoirt



It's the law. While I do not follow tons of laws, these affect us all;- all forms of transport - all business' - all shops and offices, pubs and hotels, and anyone and everyone who works in the outside world and moves around - who works in these shops and hotels, offices are bars - everyone is involved and everyone has to pay attention.

I was concerned about the e mails I was geting from this one regular customer and only by taking control and asking if anything was wrong as his attiutude was fucked up and in error, and how concerned I was for his mental health which seemed a bit off - did he apologise and see the error of his manner.

Clearly, this last 3 months has affected a lot of people in different ways but fighting against those who are trying to make a difference - trying to help - trying to put in place procedures to allow to re open - purchasing very expensive screens, gels, gloves, masks, cleaning gear and laundry stuff and so much more... and when whole new procedures are required to maintain cleanliness of a venue - be it a shop or a hotel - and when after decades in business you see all your hard work - maybe - going down the toilet as thousands of small business will - even with government aid, will close for good - and when there is no thought - no consideration and not even the slightest trace of compassion and / or understanding for what someone else is going through - then if there has always been that inability to comprehend love - compassion - empathy for another - or whether it is new, these signs of mental health spell the need to see someone and have a chat as - it'll only get worse.

When people offer a very self centred angle of life, do they never realise that they are heaping all their ' stuff' onto someone else to cope with and who do they expect to help and support them while they are supporting you ?

Whatever the ' new normal' is going to be - the 'old normal' may not be back in place as we know it - for many years to come.

The BANKING SCANDAL cost the UK government 2 generations - 50 years - of advance tax bills as yet unearned and unpaid- as those earning the money to pay this tax HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN BORN YET -

and now this new De-pression - NOT Re-cession - has cost 3 times more and it is 150 years of tax paid out to help the country survive, and that means 200 years - 8 generations, of tax payers money spent before it's even earned and it could / might / will take 200 years to get out of this financial bind we are all in.

No one is to blame here.

Maybe the Chinese for not monitoring correctly these live animal food markets which seem horrifying and plainly disgraceful that this is still allowed to happen, especially as this is not the first time a major health incident has come out from these markets. Maybe it's the way the Chinese will eat anything that walks, crawls, swims, flies or even slithers on this planet, does not help. Maybe the way that people like Trump - who disgracefully left the WHO ( World Health Organisation ) in the middle of the worlds largest pandemic - shows us what scum - what awful disgraceful scum, some people really are and how they are more concerned with profit and power over the people even if it means gassing them so he can have a photo shoot ?????

People will find fault - people will complain - and people will be angry - and all anyone can do is their best. There is nothing we can look to in history as an example. This is all new and every single country on this planet that has been affected will look to their actions afterwards and see where lessons could / should have been learned. Where things went wrong. Where big business didn't - or did - help. Where government officials drove hundreds of miles when they should have been in lockdown, How the ' THEM OR US' mentality is clearly displayed by those dumb fuckers who just don't get it - or don't give a rats ass to get it - or who are simply just too fucking arrogant and / or 'entitled' where they expect special treatment because - well usually because they have no fucking idea....

And the rest of us look on from the sidelines and in absolute horror, cannot believe some people can be so up themselves.

There will be years of discussion about how this went wrong or that went right. Maybe we need to concentrate on - and premote - what went right - change what went wrong - put things in place for next time - and believe me - there will be a next time ( so keep stocked up - but don't panic about toilet rolls ) and stop the dangerous blame game that helps no one. Just get incompetant people out. Get competance people in. Move forward and do not put up with egotistical arrogance instead of competance and a compassion / empathy, for what needs doing.

None of us are alone in this. We all have our part to play.

John Bellamy ---------------------------------------------------------

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