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Who is your faviourite this week. Let me know. Smooth or hairy. Young or older.

Oh dear me John. I came over all flustered when I scrolled down this weeks mens pics and came - almost instantly - to the hairy arse pictuire. I felt like it was winking at me even though it wasn't and sorry John, I love that shot so much I won't tell you what ended up on my office floor ( office at home )

The best. Peter.

Loved the last B&W picture probably from the 1960's. Those were the days when something like this would have been worshipped, as pictures of naked men were so rare and this would have been shared aropund. Wonder where the model is today - if still alive ? Robbie

Twins have long been my fantasy and while I know you are a twin John, the two blond twins on your new mens page just got my attention. I t was mesmerized by them both. Terry Love the shot of the hairy man with the dog. Always loved dogs and their owners - if they look like him. Vic.

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