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don't f**k with cats


Don’t F**k With Cats is a true crime documentary that does everything right – even if it’s wrong.

The Netflix documentary gives murderer Luka Magnotta

the attention he craves, making a statement about our obsession with true crime.

Rule number one of the internet, according to a new three-part true crime documentary, is that you don’t fuck with cats.

You especially don’t hurt cats and then post a video of your abuse online under the title “1 boy 2 kittens”.

But that’s what Luka Magnotta – the subject of the Netflix series – did; a move that would eventually lead to a Facebook group lynch mob, a murder and an international man hunt.

Due to the unbelievable nature of the Magnotta case, Don’t F**k With Cats is generating a lot of interest and – if social media is to be used as a barometer – attracting a huge audience. Interested by the hype surrounding what initially seemed like just another series about murder, I was reccommended to watch this by a friend who did warn me that the storyline is horrendous and to be warned.

I watched the first episode last night ( 14th June 2020 ) Three hours later, having finished the entire series, ( 3 one hour episodes ) David who had already seen it came in and we had to have a chat all about it.

Sorry, but as handsome as you may think he is, and believe me he thought himself outstandingly handsome ( get you dear...) he has a face I want to instantly slap.

He absolutely reeks of fucked up attitude.

When a stunningly handsome ( and we assume he is gay in the storyline provided ) brags on video when applying to be on a reality TV show for models, that all his friends tell him he is outstandingly handsome, this is where I want to hit someone. Please - when all you have is good looks but nothing else, then the expression' BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP ' - means that in his case, he was clearly inside out.

( Think about that )

What starts out as a hunt for an animal killer grows into something much bigger and more horrendous and the programme fascinated and drew me to the edge of my chair and watching it with Chris from next door - we were glued to the set for the full 3 hours. Absolutely glued. For a documentary, it was well put together to keep my attention the whole time.


Appalling cruelty.

But then, 50 years ago my Grandmother woud have drowned unwanted kittens and no one would have turned a hair and was really common.

We see things differently today and there are many countries where animal welfare is somewhat less than in the west and when you look at what we consider to be cruelty that takes place in these Chinese Live Animal Markets - it is clear that not all customs and not all culturally observed etiquettes are the same. What we see as cruel, a farmer would say was an every day occurance. Killing your own pig and chopping it up would revolt many in the west but to a trained butcher, it is nothing - another day at work - so bare in mind when watching, in the west, what this man did was completely unnacceptable.


The discussions on wheteher we are glorifying what he did just by watching;- are we showering him with fame and attention, which was exactly what he wanted ;- or are we showing that if you think you can post something 'on line' and get away with it and that somewhere in the world there are people with the skills, the passion and dedication - as shown in this programme - to see it through to the very end and even fight with police to get them - for as usual - their incompetance shines through for all to see.

If you are on Netflix this is well worth watching.


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