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FRIDAY JULY 10th 2020



( weather permitting )

Special Events Planned throughout the summer & autumn



Less guests to allow for Social Distancing

Seperate Dining Tables

Screens between Twin Beds

Constant cleaning programme in place

ON ARRIVAL We will check everyone's temperature with an Ear Thermometer

This will be recorded on a chart and the customer will initial

Normal : 36.5 °C - 37.5 °C - ( 97.7 - 99.5 °F ) Fever : 37.5 °C - 38.3 °C - ( 99.5 - 100.9 °F )

Thank you for your appreciation and understanding of this important procedure which helps protect us all. If you refuse - you will be asked to leave and no refund offered. Please be understanding as this is for


We ask all guests to arrive with a mask, gloves and hand gell.

If we have to supply these items we will bill each customer £25 against the credit card used to make the reservation for doing so., If you come with no protection - no hand wipes - nothing - you show us you are irresponsible and putting others at risk.

Selfish and thoughtless attitudes

will not be tollerated

Hamilton Hall has the right to refuse entry or ask to leave those it considers putting others 'at risk' and inform the authorities accordingly.

You will also be charged for a Thorough Deep Clean.

REMEMBER We are not putting these things in place to harm you, make life difficult for you or anything else. This is for YOUR PROTECTION and we mean absolutely no disrespect or harm in insisting you follow our simple procedures. This could well be the ' NEW NORMAL' as we have no idea how long this will continue and we must ALL change our view on what is and what is not safe - and things we have taken for granted may not be available for a very long time - at least - safely. With 7 billion people involved, we are all in this together and we ask your appreciation and respect for what we may ask, request, demand, refuse etc. in order to keep the venue and its patrons - safe.

Your e mails

Oh John it is so good to know you are absle to re open after what seems like an absolute age. Boy have I missed coming to stay with you. Normally 4 - 6 times a year and other than briefly in January, I have so missed by visits. Will be seeing you oh so soon. Gill. Congratulations John. So pleased to know you are back. Thoroughly enjoyed the weekly newsletter blog you have been sending and so good you have kept in touch and helped so many through this period. We really do miss your madness, your sanity, your view on things that is so refreshing, so enlightening, it has been sorely missed. Your power and your passion are what keep things going and I look forward to a speedy return as soon as work allows. Michael

Propud of you John. You are really a very special man. Love you to bits and so thrilled to be able to come visit soon. Already booked in, bringing my son with me as well as he loves you to bits, always knows whan I have visited as he can see the change in me and really loves you for that. Dale.

After this was sent out to over 25,000 people I get this e mail asking about making a booking and asking what we had in place to protect from a new wave of Covid 19 - and I stated it was quite clear on the web site. There's plenty to read explaining all the changes we have made.

When he then writes again and tells me that the web site doesn't say what we have in place to check staff etc. it just irritated. Clearly he think I am stupid and that I haven't given it any thought. Does he think I am a moron ? Does he think I have nothing better than to answer redundant questions.

It REALLY irritated as it insulted my - and everyone elses commion sense.

While I appreciate many will have mental health issues after this lockdown and how many will be living in fear;- you cannot and must not patronise others - and all you can do is protect yourself. Naturally, others will be aware as after having my business closed for 4 months is a sure way of getting my attention. Treating me like a fool is throwing your own fear at me and I will not allow that. I have my own fears thanks. We have done almost everything in our power and more - so please do not play silly buggers and do not act like a fool and expect us to be the same. Be respectful and expect the same in return or else you will be told to fuck off - I don't need it.


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