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DRAG - From Shakespear - Only men were allowed to act and so some because famous for playing female parts and the story line would be written - ' Mary comes in left stage in DRAG' - meaning DRESSED AS GIRL.

As a child I had been to many Pantomime and seen many comedians in drag on stage as drag goes back centuries in the UK culture and unlike anywhere else in the world - it is very British.

Raised in show business, I was use to ' dress ups' as my Father specialised in ' Olde Time Music Hall ' playing the piano and comparing - and my Mother was a top London fashion model and sang with my fathers 8 piece band, as well as Mantovanni - so more dressups.

Being an identical twin - my brother and I were put into fashion shows from early childhood ( 6 or 7 onwards ) so dress ups was fun. However, other than my sister who is 2 years older, who dressed me in her clothes and made me up when I was around that age - it has never attracted me and never ' been my thing.' but I never saw it as a problem, a freak, or queer... I always just accepted.

I may not understand something, but then I do not like Anchovies - yuck vile things - but my dislike does not mean they are wrong and should be banned, it just means it is not for me and anything called ' Gentlemens Relish' cannot be all bad, except to me - it's VILE...

I do though, love Marmite.

So while I may not understand what ticks in a transexuals head, I am not the one living in his/her head and I am not walking in their shoes so I have absolutely no right to find fault or to damn just because they wear different clothes and shoes and see life in a different avenue to myself - as I will NEVER - EVER - find anyone who sees things exactly the same as me - and I accept we are all different. Period. Nothing more.

Nothing less.

Why so many fear LGBTQ - Blacks - Asians - Muslims - Jews - Hindi - Orientals - Women - is perfectly clear -UPBRINGING - LACK OF EDUCATION - and a great deal of all of our upbringing is down to RELIGIOUS TEACHINGS that damn and destroy anything a little different.

USING RELIGION TO DAMN AND DESTROY LGBT IS CORRUPTING THE TRUE WORD OF GOD which we do not have in biblical writings because of too much editing by screwed up priests and monks for over a thousand years.

If someone feels they have been born in the wrong sexual body, then I can completely accept that - it is not a mistake by God, just a challenge, and as life is a challenge, why is this any more than any other ?

If someone is then brave enough to face their peirs and 'come out' and step forward and start the procedure - TOP MARKS TO THEM ALL as not many of us would have even half the guts... Imagine knowing you are about to have your sexual bits operated on. ( I cannot even imagine ) and as there is enough information all over the telly and the web - so no excuses to remain ignorant - as to what happens - the pain and discomfort, the years of therapy and anxiety - the hormones - the loneliness often because of the loss of friends and family, finding a whole new community of other likeminded folks and the harrasment in public by scared ignorance - is enough to do anyone's head in.

No wonder so many Transexuals commit suicide.

I think they are extremly brave - not just in having all the operations etc. but facing the hostility that faces them at every turn.

And remember, many Transexuals are straight - so imagine a straight man who is married with kids. After some years he 'comes out' as a TS and over the years becaomes a women physically. Now - Inside he is still a straight man who fancies women and now that he IS a women himself - DOES NOT MEAN HE WANTS COCK - he STILL fancies women, so he is now a lesbian. Entering a whole new community where bigotry and homophobia besides tranbsphobia is thrown at you.

I am more than happy being a gay man and totally and utterly respect those who transcend sexuality as it is commonly seen and make changes to be on the outside, who they feel on the inside.


I upset / amused / educated a straight builder recently.

We were chatting as he was doing some work for me and I asked if he was married.

He said yes he was.

I ( kinda deliberately ) asked whether to a man or women.

He jumped and said half laughing -

'A women of course. Do I look gay ?'

To which I responded

'Well actually - yes you do. Some men are camper than others and if that's how you judge a gay man, what about Bruce Forsythe - camp as a row of tents... what about Rock Hudson, butch as they come, there is no such thing as a typical builder any more than there is a typical gay man. We are not all like Kenneth Williams or Charles Autrey '

and he got my point.

Do not assume anything.

These days, sexuality, relationships, who 'wears the trousers' in a relationship and ' who is the breadwinner' - who looks after the kids as we now have House Husbands who are STILL ridiculed by many women who say it is their role while bemoaning and demanding their equality nd that the mans job is ' bringing home the bacon'- which is double standards but who said stability was ever stable with many when it comes to sexuality - as we now know it to be more fluid - it is so interchangeable - it is so different to how it was when I was a child with Father at work, Mother looking after the children at home all day - peoples roles were set in stone from birth, but things have changed and people, many people, have not kept up.

Kenneth Williams.

Rock Hudson.

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