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anti bacterial gells

At a time when we are all using gallons of anti bacterial gels etc. John asks if this is a healthy thing for the planet.

Correct me if I am wrong please.

I have invested heavily in Covoid 19 precautions for the hotel.

Gallons of Anti Bacterian gell and cleaning liquid, Masks etc.and I was reading an editorial some time ago that stated that anything that is antibacterial continues working after you wash it off into the sewage systen - where it keeps killing bacteria. That it continues to work all through the sewage system and even out into rivers and the ocean.

Anything that disrupts the natural balance of Mother Nature - and anything that continues killing something natural and needed in the ground , water and even on our skin, is ultimately not good for you.

Children brought up in this anti bacteria world are going to have a lot of health problems as they grow up and as adults will be prone to things that we as kids would not get as we were not so wrapped in cotton wool, we got our hands dirty and put them in our mouth. We got all sorts of germs as we built up resistance - a natural immunity.

The next generation will not have this immunity.

Am I right in saying there are vast areas of the oceans that are ' dead water' no oxygen nothing living... and we are responsible, and it is growing.

Will we one day have dead ocean ? .

Are we to blame.



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