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Happy Buddha

I use a lot of joss sticks.

I love all sorts of odds and ends often found in those spiritual shops you come accross.

While at home - check out this 'on line store' that is here in Bournemouth and offers a really large range of all sorts of things and is where I get my joss sticks from.

Really friendly people, gay and gay friendly - and why not keep the pink £ in the gay community.

Web site HERE

Address: 86 High St, Poole BH15 1DB

Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM

Phone: 0844 334 4274


Hamilton Hall is not connected to Happy Buddha. This is a FREE PROMOTION as we all need to keep our head above the water - we all need to keep our business afloat at this time, and we all need to help each other where we can.

With the LGBTQ community struggling to find its community feel these days - and with the LGBTQ community fragmenting from a community who met and talked and fucked and shared and was a community;- it now is fucking and little else as everyone hides behind their mobile phones and the actual ' community' is shrinking as bars, hotels, saunas, fuck clubs and all - close never to re open and if you do not furnish them with your money and custom, then do not complain when there is fuck all left.

Bournemouth - like Brighton - had a plethora of gay hotels, bars etc, and with so many closing over the last few years, Hamilton Hall is now the only men only ( gay ) hotel in town and 4 bars closed in just one year.

The ' community' is changing and is now 'on line,'

Support your gay friends with their business. Support the LGBTQ community and do not see it for what you can take from it, but for what you can bring, what you can share - and what we can ALL share as part of a wider community of LGBTQ people around the world.


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