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From Surviving to Thriving

Life abounds with possibility. We have within us the capacity to change things, but only if we are willing to change ourselves. We have written the human story that now unfolds in front of us, and the only way we can change the story is if we are willing to rewrite it.

Join Marianne and special guest Neale Donald Walsch for an intensive workshop and learn what it takes to experience this time as a creative pause one in which we’re not overwhelmed by anxiety, but rather motivated and inspired to participate in the creation of a better world.

A Note from Marianne

Dear Friends,

So much is happening today, and all of us are finding our way through the chaos. It seems the world itself is in crisis - because it is.

How do we navigate a storm of such historic nature? What is its ultimate meaning? How do we participate in the obvious transformations that now need to take place?

As you know, I’ve had a thirty-seven year career focusing on transformation - both internal as well as external, spiritual as well as material. The marriage of the two is exactly what we now need.

The mindset of the 21st-Century is different from the mindset of the 20th, as the 20th-Century mindset was different from the 19th. The only survivable and thrivable option for the human race is to now evolve - from a “me” to a “we” orientation, from a mechanistic to an holistic worldview, and from an economic to a more human bottom line.

Join with me in a deep inquiry into what all of those things mean. Over the next few weeks and months I’ll be rolling out extraordinary tools for growth and participation in the revolutionary changes of this amazing moment.

Starting with our “FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING” seminar in July, to an upcoming podcast you’ll be hearing about soon, we’re on an amazing roll and the wind is at our back. We have before us an opportunity - and a challenge - to change the world in miraculous ways.

Let’s do it

With love,

Marianne Williamson.


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