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Naked August @ Hamilton Hall

August is NAKED MONTH @ Hamilton Hall.

After months in lockdown, do you need some intercourse with other men.

Talk - Share - Laughter - Discussion - Moan - Praise - Love or even Put right -

as we have all suffered as our social lives have bottomed out - and other than social media - what we ALL need is some face to face time with people and not feel threatened or scared to be in the company of others - and to share oral intercourse as it relaxes the mind, opens the pathways and allows friendships to blossom and in some way we need to EXPLODE and be around other men when we do. The anxiety of solitude or being stuck with the same few people for so long, is where we all need to get out and feel free. And naked.

You can wear shorts and T shirts etc. and if cold, your sweats - but by and large it is naked month..

Booking have started again and the first few weeks we are open again - after July 5th - are almost full already. We are taking less guests, have a full Screening process in order to check every guest every day and we have spent a long time and tons of money getting things just right and ready and trained and done.



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