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wanking monkey

This always makes me laugh. It's the guys in the background that add to it so much and make it such a hoot.

Check it out and let me know what you think .


John. Wanking Monkey. Seen it before. Spent an hour looking for others but none as funny as this one. Thanks fo sharing. Ruddy.

Poor little monkey, no privacy even for a wank and when he does, to peals of laughter from those human types. It is funny though and it really did make me laugh. Mark. I know this is common for monkeys and good for them. Having worked in a sex club in Amsterdam some years ago, many men like to show their cock anmd balls off as if it were some prize to be proud of. Usually, its the small dicked fat men who have the most arrogance and expectations that everyone will be interested in their 2 inch pecker - and why I have no idea at all. Some assume gay men are all after cock and any cock will do, even a 2 inch - when it often does not. Arrogance of human males around theor cock is astounding. David D. Such a scream John. Loves wanking monkey. Ivor.


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