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your opinion is required

Your opinion is requested: Hamilton Hall has a Dorm Room for 4 people sharing.

It has 2 Bunk Beds each end of a long room with a shower/toilet etc. en suite.

It is our cheaper option while staying at Hamilton Hall and sleeps 4.

It is time for it to be re decorated - and maybe more...

With Social Distancing I can only use the room for a max of 2 persons, one at each end - and so loosing 50% of my income just on one room alone.

I have always thought that the room could / would also make a nice small suite.

Super King Size bed,

TV and lounge area,

Shower Room en suite - and glam it up to be something very different and somewhat stylish.

The price would reflect this and the cheap option would no longer be available.

As the Covid 19 virus still creates disharmony on a global scale, and with absolutely no one anywhere - from Trump ( well we knew he had no idea ) to any leader or ' expert' - NO ONE HAS A FUCKING CLUE - and all are just winging it - making it up as they go along - and all trying to sound clever and in charge - ( that's a joke ) and with Trump leaving the World Health Organisation in the middle of a global pandemic - - the first we have ever experienced - and then we have Boris Johnson and his awful - disgraceful oratory abilities which confuse and annoy the people as he really cannot stop being a boffoon - and with China still alloying these dangerous markets selling anything that walks, flies, swims and crawls on the Earth to be sold - live - for food - then something tells me this will be an ongoing problem now it has started, for a very long time.

The ' new normal ' is a very different world and one we all have to get use to.

So should we convert the Dorm into a small King Size bedded suite.

Your input and suggestions are invited.

John Bellamy


It would be a shame John as I have enjoyed many a wonderful experience within your Dorm Room but I can also see you point of view. Income has to be generated and if a multiple persons room is not allowed any longer then well done you on coming up with an alternative. Terrance. ------------------- Loved your Dorm Room John. New King Size room, Yes I can see that as being a new way forward for you. I think I'd like that very much actually. Know your style so know it would be a lovely room. Good idea.



It depends on how much use it got when it was a Dorm Room as every time I have been in there I was either the only one, or there was one other. Never seen it full although I am sure there are times when it is.

King Size limits to 2 persons but at a more expensive price. Difficult decision for you John and one I am sure you will do with the usual brilliance you do with everything else. B.D.


I like your dorm and cannot afford your other rooms so am pleased you have that option. If you upgrade I will not be able tol come any more. I appreciate it is your income earner and that's what helps keep the place alive and kicking. I have always stayd in the Dorm Room - some 5 or 6 times now. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. William.


Tough choice John. Revamping the Dorm Room would cost a great deal... all new furniture, new bedding etc... so you are looking at some considerable investment to make the changes and sell the bunks to re coup something I suppose. I think its a great idea as its a good soxe room for a king size bed with shower room en suite. It could be your best room when done... Clive.


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