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Outrage in NYC as hundreds of gay men flaunt COVID precautions to party on Fire Island.

One sick individual even bragged that he had the virus

as he posted a video from the beach.

Police were called at least twice to an LGBTQ beach party on the Fourth of July because revelers weren’t wearing masks, with hundreds of shirtless and maskless gay men dancing on the crowded beach.

Video and pictures posted to Instagram this past Sunday showed the crowds on the beaches of Fire Island Pines, a Long Island resort town popular with gay men.

At least one person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 just before going has been identified. After being identified, the man posted on social media “Go f**k yourselves. I hope all of you get f**king COVID.”

Another man who posted appalling comments on Instagram has reportedly been thrown out of his home so he didn’t infect his mother who is undergoing chemotherapy.

The images and videos led to an outcry on social media, as few revelers appeared to be wearing masks while hundreds danced shoulder-to-shoulder.

One attendee, Corey Hannon got attention on social media because he had posted on Facebook recently that he had coronavirus. He wrote on Tuesday, June 30, that his “body has decided it is done with COVID-19.”

He attended the Fourth of July Fire Island Pines party and later posted to Facebook that his coronavirus symptoms had returned: “Fuck you Miss Rona. I thought I was cured.”

Hannon got criticized on social media, and he posted a video responding to his critics in which he said, “So go f**k yourselves. I hope all of you get f**king COVID, you nasty nasty trolls.”

annon later apologized in a Facebook video on Sunday where he said he was “sorry for the misinterpretation that I portrayed on my social media.”

“I would never go out there and righteously infect people. I did what I thought was my part. I apologize that I went out, maybe too early. I can’t make up for the poor choice that I made. I’m a human being. I made a mistake and I am seriously sorry for that.”

Later in the video, he said that he has received death threats, that reporters have been hanging out outside his house, and that he got “booed off a train last night,” possibly referring to his return trip from Fire Island Pines.

Another attendee was reportedly kicked out of his parents’ home for attending the parties at Fire Island Pines.

A man identified as currency analyst Giancarlo Kistian Albanese allegedly attended the party and wrote defiant messages about coronavirus prevention measures on social media.

“F**k your mask,” he wrote. “F**k your social distancing. F**k your vaccine. F**k your eugenics. Kiss my a**hole if you think I’m an a**.”

According to a comment left by someone identified as Albanese’s brother by journalist Chris Weidner, Albanese’s mother has cancer and is on chemotherapy, which would severely compromise her immune system and put her at a large risk of catching coronavirus.

“Find a new home because you’re not welcome at the one you currently live at,” the person wrote. “Complete disrespect for Mom’s & Dad’s lives, both who are very weak. Mom has chemo on Friday and you’re out doing this s**t?”

The brother told Albanese to move out of his parents’ home: “Go live off on your own and not under your parents’ roof and you can do whatever you want.”

Suffolk County police said that they were called twice to the beach in Fire Island Pines on reports of a large gathering. A police spokesperson told PIX 11 that no citations were issued.

Long Island, where Fire Island Pines is located, is currently in Phase 3 of New York’s reopening plan, which still requires social distancing measures in restaurants and other businesses.

PJ McAteer, the managing director of the Fire Island Pines Commercial Distinct, issued a statement on the party. He noted that it was difficult to reopen bars and restaurants in the town and that customers are required to wear masks and that tables were six feet apart at restaurants.

But he noted that there were “troubling images and videos” on social media this weekend, saying that businesses can’t “police” people’s behavior once they leave, even though their behavior could make keeping the businesses open more difficult.

“We need full compliance from every person who steps foot on the Pines,” McAteer said. “We know masks are uncomfortable and aren’t fun. But we also know that being hooked up to a ventilator isn’t comfortable or fun either.”

On Twitter, LGBTQ people debated the merits of shaming the people who attended the Fourth of July beach party.

John Bellamy Comments:

It never fails to amaze me how awful, truly awful, gay men can be. How selfish. How arrogant. How fucked up. How up their own assholes they are and how they seem to think that the world owes them something and that they are special.

To attend a party like this in the currnt climate is naive and plainly suicidal, especially in the USA where there are over 50,000 new cases of Covid 19 A DAY and it is reported to be climbing to 100,000 new cases a day.

Reading the story above - and the guy whose own parents are high risk and his mother is in the middle of a course of chemo and he thought it okay to risk his parents life because his insecurities, his wanting to be admired, fancied, paid attention to and to maybe find some dick - was so lacking and his self worth actually so low, that he would put anything and everything at risk just to prop up his flagging ego in such a way - and it is truly - TRULY - pathetic.

He - absolutely - demonstrates what a truly pathetic and sad individual he is. Sadly, this is true for many on the gay scene who appear so ' together' and so ' on the ball' and yet when you get talking and probing on a deeper level than just crappy vacuous small talk -, they are so often just so not together and just so not on the ball and are just so fucked up it beggars belief.

After the gay cruise I took 2 years ago where there was very limited wifi on board, the gay friend I went with - within minutes of being back on the ground at Gatwick, was on Grindr checking out how many had viewed him as this was what propped up his whole self worth, and I had to tell him how sad and pathetic that was, when complete strangers of social media make your life feel worthy - COMPLETE STRANGERS ????? How sad are you ???

The cruise also showed how shallow so many gay men are. No depth at all. One very handsome young man ( 28 ) on the cruise and I talked and he was so cute but so shallow and I teased and told him that ' If beauty is skin deep, you must be inside out...' - he laughed but he didn't have a clue what I was talking about and thought I had just complimented him...

I am disgusted by the likes of anyone who goes to any kind of gathering at the moment knowing how dangerous it is and if you want to get ill and die, then do, get ill and die, but please - do it in private and do it quietly and do not go around infecting other people as if you do you are just a murderer and will be rembered as such.

People will hate your memory.

When a friend was deliberately infected with HIV aged 16 back in 1986 - the man who deliberately infected him died soon after and his grave was vandalised, and the story of what he did painted all over his grave stone. His friends and family were informed and his memory was so sullied that even his family disowned him after tha fact - even though he was dead and gone, his memory was trashed - and some would say - - rightly so. You don't do appalling things and think you will just die and escape - like Jimmy Saville - or Jeffrey Epstein - as after the news comes out, your memory WILL be sullied and forever destroyed. Rightly so in some cases.

When these idiots attend an event full of people up close, maskless, sweating and heaving together and passing on any virus going ( as unlike HIV, you don't pass it on through sexual contact but just by contact, by breathing too close, by a cough or a sneeze and by unhygienic practices -) and so, is easier to catch than HIV and who knows how many could / will now have Covid 19 after this event or how many parents and wives at home will now catch it from those returning after the event ?

These selfish - self centred, thoughtless morons. Putting their families at risk. Thoughtless - absolutely thoughtless, and top marks to the family whose parents are having chemo and they threw the son out after attending the event. To protect themselves, if their son is showing signs of taking risks, that is fine if he wants to get ill and die but not when it comes to taking your already ill parets with you.

Something in their emotional make up is definately defective.

No sympathy. Sorry to sound hard and calous but I have absolutely no sympathy at all. They all have families, parents, maybe even wives and children and for the sake of some cock and emotional ego stimulation from complate strangers, they would put everything at risk.

This is a side of the modern LGBTQ Community that truly is appalling. Truly appalling. Mega fucked up attitude, Mega mental health. Mega insecurities and mega in need of some serious therapy. And if this is the way the LGBTQ Community ( whatever that is ) is going, then I am glad I am 65 and have lived through the birth - life and soon death - of the gay scene as we know it - and where there will be no gay community at all as more and more fucked up people help destroy what we took 50 years to build and gain acceptance and these morons destroy that in one dumb moment of hedonistic - but deadly - pleasure.

John Bellamy


and if you don't like the language, then you are a dumb cunt for completely missing the point.

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