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Homosexuality V Religions

The Christian Church is responsible for mass genocide - mass torture - mass murder of men, women and children - by priests and nuns - plus the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in the Crusades and even today, the church damns and destroys whole communities - whole sections of society - millions of people world wide - and all because they are LGBT.

The Bible is not the word of God;- Was not written by God and is far from accurate to the original documents it was copied from. Written by scores of different men - then massively edited over the centuries to say what a load of sexually frustrated and fucked up monks ' thought' it meant, and they applied their dogmatic screwed up frustrations into the writings making it say what they wanted it to say - mean what they wanted it to mean, and limit the truth as they wanted as a way of keeping people under control.

When you control someone through sexuality - it changes over time and you loose control.

When you control someone through a political point of view, that also changes over time and again, you loose control.

When you control someone with money, that also changes over time and you loose control.

When you control someone through their religious indoctrination you have put in place in the first place, you have them for life.

( at least you did until modern man turned his back on the church )

The church was all about controlling the mass of people and damning anyone who spoke against the doctrines as evil, of satan,- a witch or a demon. The edited Bible was used as God's word so in their eyes, if you disagreed, you were put to death. Period.

But the Bible was written by man, actually hundreds of men over a huge length of time, and then massively edited many many times - and there is no way of God's Earth that the Bible is accurate, concise, precise or even vaguely accurate to what was originally written and is most certainly not the word of God at all, but man.

Edited to say what the religious leaders over centuries wanted it to say - and why ?

To garner control over man and over his soul.

It is largely a fabrication.

The word ' Official' was added as a way of making is SOUND official, when it was not at all.

Edited by the Catholics and Protestants who argued over it for a very long time.

Today we are free to openly discuss and critisise the Bible and its teachings. Today the church cannot murder anyone who disagrees with them, and today the church cannot get away with mass murder so uses other, more subtle approaches like excomunication. But the murder and mass genicide went on right up until the 1990's when the Magdelene Sisters were discovered in Ireland to be murdering children in their laundarettes and horribly beating small childen in their care. Nuns. Women of Christ. Nuns abusing small children - and this was massively going on and not just by Nuns in Ireland.

Millions feel disenfranchised by the teachings of the church and millions feel the church does not offer an all inclusive religion for eveyone.

Many feel that the word of God as found in the Bible - causes much distress of emotional and moral pain. Many feel that God does not talk to them directly and that everything is based around a heterosexual version of reality with absolutely no room for anything a little different.

Religions of the world have so feared the gay man throughout history and NOT because we are gay at all, but because the church feared the fact that most of the prophets, sooths, seers, channellers, gurus , healers, midwives and witch doctors were often on what we now call the 'mental health spectrum' - or they were LGBTQ.

The chutrch turned against these people and burned thousands at the stake as witches and heretics when the truth was the murderous church was butchering the competition.

Many gay men are Catholic / Christian / Jew / Muslim and form a part of the vast congregation that follows a belief sytructure laid down thousands of years ago. Many gay men today feel at odds with these teachings.

It is hard to follow a leader you are told does not like you because you are gay.

It is hard to follow anyone who says you cannot have the sex that nature intended you to enjoy.

Many LGBT feel left out by the teachings and many miss the connection that heterosexuals assume is only for them and that ' God Hates Fags.'

Hardly very enlightened.

Hardly very spiritual.

Hardly very Godly.

Now: God does not care if you are gay - black - women - rascist - hatefilled or full of love, you see GOD DOES NOT CARE.

It is assume God suffers from the same limiting emotions that we have. We read in the Bible what a jealous God, what an angry God, and how God will smite you, punnish you, cast you out and even send you to hell, and this is laughable in its childishness, as it couldn't be further from the truth.

This is what the church will tell you to make you fall in line and follow like sheep out of fear.

Thing ios, it's a load of bollocks.

A very good book called 'Love Lost in TRanbslation' goes into incredible detail about how LGBT people thropughout the ages have been edited out of biblical writings and how these monks messed with the writings to garner control. It had NOTHING AT ALL to do with what God wanted but what the church wanted to keep you under control to them.