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New King Size suite at Hamilton Hall

Our Dorm Room for 4 sharing has proven to be a very popular room over the years.

Very popular.

4 naked men sharing a bedroom together.

You can imagine.

But times have changed.

Dorms are not allowed as they do not allow for Social Distancing. (SD )

Clearly, SD is going to last for a long time and it will be an age before we even vaguely get back to ' normal' after this lockdown and global melt down.

So the Dorm Room is going to have a massive make over.

It will be turned into a small but very comfortable King Size bedded room with a lounge area with TV and DVD - shower room en suite - and will be available as a Super King within the hotel OR: For rent as a Community Live In Guest with this being your full time living space.

We will start the work in a month as we have guests in until then and we will hopefully have it done by the autumn.

Pictures will start to appear here as we go through the work.

So if you want to move into the UK's most enignatic hotel and share some of the laughs, and live here with your own room and all food and so forth as a place for older gay men to live in harmony together and enjoy the company - this is a perfect opportunity.


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