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Covid 19 shrinks the gay scene even further

Two more gay bars are not re opening after this close down here in Bournemoputh and the whole town now only has one bar - a sauna - and Hamilton Hall aimed at the gay community.

Dozens of hotels, bars, night clubs and saunas have been here over the decades and in the last few years they have closed never to re open as the gay scene does not support or value, and then complain when there is nothing left.

Covid 19 seems to have been the reason some have given while taking the money from the government to stay open and stay staffed and then closed up shop as fast as the cheque clears.

Not sure this is morally acceptable as the governments hand out is not a present, it is meant to help business through a close down and help you stay open and help your staff stay employed. By closing as soon as we are allowed to open sends a very loud message about corruption - taking the money and closing and fuck the government helping and fuck the public. It puts people who have been furloed for months - out of work when this could have saved the tax payer a fortune in the first place.

It is actually quite disgraceful.

Not professional.

Not thoughtful of others.

Only thinking of themselves.

Quite a few venues have done this and not just gay venues, tons of bars have announced they are no longer re opening and I suspect a large part of the high street might also, as more get use to buying on line.

The High Street will / is - changing - dramatically.

Bakers. Butchers. Green Grocers. Fish shops. All gone from the High Street. It's all in the supermarkets and who uses small shops any more ?

We should all spend our money in the small shops and help save local business and not just the superstores who do not give a damn for you - unlike local people running their own local shop.

When gone, these venues will never re open and do not cry when this happens as you can still do something about it.



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