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Absolutely no sympathy

As soon as flights were available - a friend was off to Spain searching for cock.

He is married with 3 children and had been holed up with them throughout the lockdown and somehow assumed it was different for him.

Not sure why.

So as soon as the flights were free and available he was off - on business he told his wife - and then complained when he tried to come home this week as he has to go into 14 days lockdown.

I appreciate the lockdown was not in place when he left and came in while he was away - but my point is - he has 3 children - all under 12 - and one is asthmatic so high risk, and he does not consider them in his safety plans and just thinks of his sex life and I cannot stand that self centred approach many gay men take.

AS SOON as restrictions were liften THE VERY LAST PLACE I WOULD WANT TO BE;- IS ON A PLANE, especially if I had kids at home and especially headed for Spain.

200 people crammed into a plane, breathing the same recycled canned air - all the germs and bacterias being recycled throughout the plane and yet he seemed totally unaware of the dangers and just made excuses.

200 people using 6 toilets. Not a healthy place to be.

Not a sensible idea.

Some people just cannot stop themselves and then - sadly - others suffer because of their selfish self centred actions.

With so many airlines going bust, that's another risk while away, your airline closes and leaves you abandoned abroad.

Reading the papers today about the tens of thousands of people who have been caught out and I am sorry, but I have very little sympathy for them at all. Upon return from their holiday in Spain, they now have to self isolate for 14 days and many claimed they could not afford this after just taking a holiday.

If you cannot afford it then you should not have taken a holiday. The end is not in sight - the virus is still out there - business stillclosed - governments and health authorities are frightened there will be a second, much worse, wave - and where many more than before could die - and here are people more concerned with their own hedonistic pleasures and getting in a small tin can with hundreds of others and despite wearing mask, is putting themselves and their loved ones in harms way.

After what the world has recently been through, assuming it safe to fly - travel to foreign lands - be at the mercy of foreign health care systems where you do not even speak the language and as for our useless foreign office abroad - you might as well be on your own.

No way in hell I would put myself in a vulnerable position after what has transpired so far since March and no way on God's Earth would I be going any further than I could drive my own car to. Even a train I would think twice over. Hundreds of people crammed into carriages and then people wonder why they are feeling ill.

Little sympathy as this is for pleasure, not work, but to take a holiday.

I am reminded of those fools who fucked their brains out back in the early 80's - aware that there was something happening to kill of tens of thousands of gay men but they were adamant they were not going to wear a condom - adamant it ruined it for them - and like Karens in the USA who claim it is their constitutional right NOT to wear a mask and then they get ill and die - it is self inflicted.

Many gay men over a certain age will remember people dropping like flies in the middle 1980's and in one 12 month span I went to 14 funerals, and only one was from cancer - all the others were HIV related and some - could have been prevented.

It only took one fuck - one bare back fuck at a time when HIV was rampant - and that one fuck was enough to kill you a long and slow death.

I hope the fuck was worth it.

Unfortunately this is a year off - a year we will wipe from the histoy book, a year when something so big occured that the world came to a stand still and if only the worlds people would stand still for a moment, stop flying off to Spain etc. and take responsibility and play safe - then we could have this thing sorted, but by helping its spread, creats chaos.

Be responsible.. Be grown up. We survived HIV back in the 89's and 90's and we will survive Ciovid 19 as well.


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