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winter is coming

Winter is coming.

Nights are already drawing in.

After a year like none in living memory

Full of isolation, loneliness, no work, no friends, no family, no parties, no pubs, no evenings out, no holidays.

Thank God for Netflix

Thank God for internet shopping

Thank God for supplies of loo rolls

Plenty of fear - worry - apprehension -

Extra cleaning and washing of hands, door knobs, anything others may touch

Wearing masks in shops and on buses

it's now the law

£100 fine if you don't.

Millions paid a wage by the government

Business in decline

Many going bust

Never to re open.

Others struggling

Mass deaths in Care Homes.

NHS working well

Some doctors and nurses die doing their job

Rainbows on our windows supporting the NHS

We even clapped on a Thursday in support

Government investing hundreds of billions in its people and business'

Some taking advantage

Much abuse

Many unhappy souls

Many dying alone

Boris Johnson waffling on the telly

Trump suggesting we drink bleach Government infighting as to what is best to do

Never been anything like it before

Mistakes are bound to happen

We are all in this together

2020 has been the most frightening year that any of us has experienced.

A global pandemic.

Conspiracy theory ?

Thousands dying.

Stop the arguments and work together to get this sorted.

Life needs top start again before we all start to loose it - on a global scale.

Hamilton Hall is here.

hamilton Hall is open.

Hamilotn Hall invites you to come and spoend time with us here, as safe as we can make it - and re charge those batteries that have been massively depleted this year. Christmas & New Year.

Bookings being taken.

Less people allowing for more space. Different to any year past.

Different to any memory we have. Different workload and different aura.

But Santa will be visiting.

Even if he wears a mask and gloves.

Come and spend some healing time at Hamilton Hall and let us all see what we can re build, physically and emotionally and help rebuild mind, body and soul.



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