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Isn't this the best time to re consider your future ?

Isn't this the best time to reconsider your future living - alone - or with others who care - who nurture each other and whose lives will be enhanced by community living.


Survey of Over 20,000 Lonely People Highlights the Cost of Living Alone. Loneliness is taking a toll, and one country is trying to fight back. Click here and read for yourself .


During these recent times of lockdown, isolation, protecting ourselves and all the mental, physical and spiritual damage that can come about because of this - and where none of us are immune and where we have all changed in some manner, some for the good and some for the bad - we desire to make plans for the future as clearly - this is not going away any time in the near future and where we - simply - do not know how many years this will continue.

Sharing a delightful home with others is the way forward.

Sharing food together.

Sharing some evenings together.

Valuing other peoples private space and nurturing each other through being there if and when needed.

Being alone - where there is no one to call on, is worrying, even frightening as we get a little older.

Some may enjoy solitude.

Many do not.

There is only so much we can watch on the telly and there is only so much 'alone time' anyone can cope with.

Own Room with King Size Bed.

Shower en suite

Breakfast and dinner with others every day,- cooked 'in house' and fully inclusive.

No bills to pay. No arguing with utility companies ever again.

Close to the shops, doctor, dentist, beaches and even the gay scene.

Tell your older friends.

Don't keep this a secret.

Community Living for Men over 50. ( although younger are also very welcome )

3 month min stay

£1,200 - £1,400 per month


Become part of our mad and crazy family. Come and join us and enjoy being part of something special.

Hamilton Hall is not linked to any charity, corporate body, council or government, religious financing or anything / anyone else. Privately owned and run by an individual (READ HERE) and where we are all welcome to share of ourselves in this delightful setting.

We receive so many e mails from people saying what a brilliant idea, what a superb notion, how come no one else is doing this, and the truth is, no one has the funds to do it and trust others in partnership. When you have one owner who is delighted and thrilled to offer this as a life long commitment, that is better than any group run by committee ( who take ages to do anything ) or charity ( and all the mass of paperwork that entails ) or council run -( like some giant old folks home full of foreign staff and is so institutionalised and hospital like, it is nowhere we want to live - with the smell of dettol and bleach everywhere ) - and when you have your say in what we do, what we eat, and what we offer as part of a community together - then living to be old does not have to be lonely.

Dog friendly.

Private bedroom available if you want to have a guest stay over ( min charge ) and while the venue still has hotel guests in - we meet the most wonderful people and hear the most amazing stories and it is never dull around here and while you can be as quiet as you like here - there is also life and fun and laughter and madness and all the crazy things that stop life becoming stuck.

Get a local job.

Run your own business.

Or retire and live off the hard work and income generated by yourself for your future.

Don't you deserve this ?





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