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Testosterone Levels in Men

As men age their testosterone level in particular will drop, so that by the age of forty, your testosterone level can be half that of a twenty year old. Over-training and/or under fuelling in exercise can also result in low testosterone levels..

Low levels of testosterone

In men can lead to fatigue, low mood, trouble sleeping, decreased libido, reduced muscle mass, increased risk of injury e.g. stress fractures, increased propensity to gain fat, increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

High levels of testosterone

In men can lead to a lower sperm count affecting fertility. In addition, taking too many steroids to aid sports performance can cause the body to stop producing testosterone.

For the last 20 years I have been going through the male menopause - and before you laugh, men also have the same as women where at a certain age in our lives, our body alters and various chemicals and hormones change and this can affect our moods, sex drive, weight, strength and general well being.

I have been enjoying the delights ( suffering ) from 'hot flashes' for many years and they come and go a bit like my Mothers did when she was going through the menopause - and just lately is has got out of control and I am soaked in sweat so many times a day and then chilled to the bone between times and it is really uncomfortable and having to change clothes 3 or 4 times a day - even in summer , is uncomfortable.

So I went to the doctors this week after I lost it in the park with some women and ranted at her and stood there listening to myself as if in a slightly out of body experience and it was frightening to say the least.

The end result is I have to have all sorts of blood tests and the number one thing mentioned was my testosterone levels may be dangerously low, and as the NHS takes weeks and sometimes months - and especially during a pandemic, while I am going along the NHS route, I also sent away for a kit to check my testosterone levels for myself and within a few days not a few months. Just for my own education and self awareness of what is going on - or maybe not - with my body and my mind - which is a bit vacant sometimes...

I shall let you know the results if and when.

Check out the web site as for us older men who go through these changes with our body, it can be really quite uncomfortable and stressful - and having some resuklts at your finger tipos helps relieve mind, body and soul.

The kit I have sent away for is available here - CLICK HERE - and is a good source of readiong material all abouyt how our body ages and what happens to the chemicals and hormones in the body.


Hi John: Did laugh when I read you have hot flashes as so do I. For about 20 years or since passing my mid 40's. Usually bad at nights when I wake up soaked but often just sitting still watching TV and I am aware I am getting hotter and hotter - and more and more light headed - until the movie I am watching is confusing to me and I have to go flap about to cool off and have a wipe. My partner thought I was making it up until he felt my damp clothes one evening - or should I say soaked... Thanks for the information about Testosterone, think I might check that one out. Jason.

John: My partner went to prison for 3 months for assault.

He kept saying all through that it was something in his meds that caused him to ' flip out.'

Many thought this was an excuse. He collapsed one day while in prison and the doctor did some blood tests and it was shown that he had almost no testosterone at all, it was so low it hardly registered. He was tired all the time and for a while a few months earlier we thought maybe he had dementia slowly coming on, and once the doctors put him on a regime of arious medicines, it was like having my old boyfriend back again. Everything changed and quite quickly as well. Thanks for the article. It will help many.


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