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stocking up

It is time to be a prepper.

October 30th - November 1st 2020


Prepare for any emergency.

You may have laughed at those preppers who planned years ago - and now you see the wisdom in their plans.

I spent a winter period in Nebraska and a massive snow storm stranded us in Rushville ( where my lovers childhood home was ) and we had to stay where we were for an extra 3 weeks before we could leave. Everything was under several metres of snow and everything ground to a halt.

Everyone - and I mean EVERYONE has a special Storm Cupboard stocked with enough provissions to last at least a 3 month period, and we were fine. My lovers family were well use to these winters and it was more like a closed hotel - store rooms full of tins, another room full of freezers all full - another for dried goods... which while this was an extreme prepper, and how most people don't keep a special room just for freezers etc. even just keeping your standard freezer clean and fully stocked at all times, helps.

A Swiss boyfriend of mine some years ago skyped me from his bed where he was extremly ill with Aids related pneumonia ( PCP ) and he was alone at home and had nothing, not even a dry buscuit, jar of sauce or packet of pasta - and I mean - he had NOTHING in his home as he liked to shop every single day and buy fresh all the time.

He was screwed.

He was very ill and could not even make himself a piece of toast.. He relied on friends rushing around and buying and getting stuff for him and it was beyond me why anyone would have a kitchen and keep it empty.

I have always been a stocker - always had tons of food stuff in stock - just in case - and it has served me many times in the past and now, with a virus shutting everything down, I was so prepared it was amazing.

There will be more close downs - a second wave - and this present global pandemic could well go on for another year or more. Getting as much as you can now is important and not being afraid to spend some money - as you will ultimately eat the food you stock up with - and this saves you having to go out and mix with other people.

It saves on petrol to and from the shops, - it saves money as you can buy in bulk and buy the items with 50% off or an extra 25% for free... and this is always a good buy.

Just make sure you do not pig out and eat it all within a short time and then run out after putting on 20lb.

Tinned food is always best.

Fill your freezer with meat, veg and bread. Forget fancy cakes and puddings, you will need the space for essentials. Bread and veg are important.

Dried goods.

Dried fruits.

Break Rolls that are half cooked and vacuum packed.

Torches and batteries / Candles in case the power goes off.

Bar-B-Q items should there be no power or gas.

Cans and jars are good as their sale by date is actually erronious as tinned food should be good for decades, it just depends of the tinning process has been done correctly and if and when you open something years out of date - and it smells okay, then chances are - IT IS - and if it smells funny,, you throw it out for the animals.

No problem.

No need to throw hysterics.

No need to panic because an item is 24 hours over the Sale By / Use By dates - as these are guidelines.

Tousands of tonnes of perfectly edible food is thrown away each year because people stupidly panic around Sale By dates...

So we are having a fun


October 30th - November 1st 2020

£125 BB&EM

Come and join in the fun.


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