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Leading Mormon Says Sorry For Anti-LGBT+ Activism – But Why?

A leading Mormon has apologised for his years of anti-LGBT activism.

Dr. Allen Bergin, a renowned psychologist and former member of the Mormon’s Sunday School General Board, apologized for “being part of a professional, religious, and public culture that marginalized, pathologized, and excluded LGBT persons.”

Bergin was president of the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists and for the majority of his career, he opposed LGBT rights, believing that LGBT people could experience sexual orientation change through therapy, self-discipline, and heterosexual marriage. Perhaps most infamously, Bergin was quoted suggesting that the average gay man had between 500 and 1000 partners.

However, recently, he has had a change of heart, which appears to be motivated by personal experiences. In his apology, Bergin writes that he is a father of two gay sons and a grandfather to a gay grandson, stating, “I’ve been given a personal education that has been painful and enlightening.”

JB: COMMENTS: I wonder if he will now go around the world putting right some of the wrongs he caused and created and lives destroyed because of his homophobic rants over the decades or does he assume that by apologising everything will be okay - because it is a start - but now he needs to follow through and make changes within the Mormon Church and make changes in a lot of avenues of life that he has affected opinions within.

Goid moves in mysterious ways, and to give him 2 gay sone and even a gay grandson is a definate finger wag from above.

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