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busy summer at hamilton hall

Since re opening

Hamilton Hall has been almost fully booked throughout.

With regular anti bacterial / virus cleaning on all surfaces touched by people in the public rooms, and with extra cleaning in the bedrooms between customers, and even down to cleaning the room key between each person, we are doing our upmost to keep things as safe as we can and do ask our guests to follow the guidelines offered to keep us all safe.

I am pleased to say - everyone has.

On the 8th of August the government announced that guests are to wear masks in all public areas of hotels and hostels, so in the TV and Quiet Lounge, on the Stairs and Landings - masks must now be worn and in the Dining Room , this is not essential ( as how do you eat ??? )

So - hotels were allowed to re open from July 4th but the government waited a month to announce what procedures need to be put in place to protect people.

I give up on these idiots in charge.

Boris with his disgraceful waffling and flapping around with words that are incoherant and confusing like some posh upper class twit - ( too much inbreeding between the upper classes always ended up creating the Village Idiot - or in Boris's case, the Buffoon ) and why is it that decisions that are clearly common fucking sense, are made to look like extremly well thought through decisions by large committees within government on our behalf and we - the public - wonder ' WTF - that is SOOOOO common sense ' and does not need even half a brain to figuire out, yet these buffons in parliament clearly need all the help they can get while claiming to know it all.

But at least we are not being told to inject bleach, drink Dettol and put light inside the body like Trump did.

You have to laugh... you really do. For what he calls himself - a ' Stable Genius' he is actually a dumb fucker.

Our garden here at Hammy Hall is looking delightful and 'out the back' the new veg garden area is providing more courgettes than we can eat and soon we will also have more tomatoes than we can cope with - and the area designed for wild flowers for the butterflies and bees etc. is flowering beautifully and - glad to say - attracting the very insects we hoped for.

With so many houses getting rid of front gardens for parking, and with Mother Nature and the birds etc. now having less habitat, it needs the likes of Hamilton Hall with its thriving garden spaces designed to help nature - to help keep the balance.

We have an assortment of events booked in for weekends from September onwards and have already started taking bookings for Christmas and New Year.

Keep well people. Keep safe - and come and see us soon.




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