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Morning Joe’s Mika cuts off clip of Trump’s lying and launches epic attack on ‘stupid pathetic’ pres

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski abruptly cut off a clip of Donald Trump discussing testing and wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic, calling his words nothing more than lies, before she went off on a brutally frank rant calling the president “stupid and pathetic” before adding he is responsible for countless U.S. deaths.

To read the transcript CLICK HERE and/or scroll down the page and watch the video. This is the best, the most, the biggest and the most honest I have seen a journalist rip into Trump about his blatant lying and his complete and utter incompetance with his mishandeling of the pandemic.

I was cheering her as she spoke and just wish Trump sees this for himself and gets some idea of how we know he is a pathalogiocal liar.

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