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workshop for future politicians

This weekend workshop will be designed around helping anyone interested in going into politics or working for local government.

It has come to our notice that - it would appear - politicians seem not to have a clue what they are doing.

Constant U Turns and constant cock ups where any member of the public just goes ' WTF ? ' when - over and over again, something is stated and we - the public - just wonder what on earth they are doing and where is their common sense.

Clearly - to be a politician you need to have your common sense removed and replaced with something we call ' no idea' - or as some would call it 'no fucking idea' - and while we know this is a serious medical condition where half their brain will be removed and replaced with rice pudding - maybe - just maybe - if we added some sultanas to the mix, it might help.

When a politician gets into high office, we are recommending they come to our other workshop where we replace the rice pudding brain with bollocks for brains.

With the recent U Turn about the A Level results- and with Boris Johnson's disgraceful waffling on about Covid 19 where his blathering way of speaking just confuses and looses the listener - clearly this is something either the upper classes have in abundance through too much in-breeding - or they are deliberately trying to pull the wool over the voters eyes about their complete incompetance with unintelligable prattle or maybe - just maybe - have already had the operation and bollocks inserted instead of brains.

I am aware there are others who have bollocks for brains and not just local government workers or politicians but it does seem that so many in public office seem not to have a clue what they are doing and it truly amazes me how these boneheads assume we are impressed by their imbecilic behaviour.

And they run the country.

Mind, it is not jiust restricted to one party - as they are all cut from the same cloth and all just as stupid when it comes to what is common sense. John Bellamy --------------------------------------------



Oh - and :-

If you know a politician who would benefit from this workshop - and as this page hasn't any pictures of unicorns or boobs, chances are they will not see or read this - so let them know for me will you - please - as anything would be better than the decision makers we have.

Oh might I need to say to some of you - in case you have had a labotomy, this is a joke. Not aimed at any one person as they are all a load of tossers, mostly, and is meant to be a bit of a laugh... Just thought I'd point that out in case I get e mails complaining ... ha ha

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