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Scam Callers

So far this week alone. -

6 calls from BT claiming my internet and phone line have been hacked by a foreign body trying to steal all my information and banking details.

3 calls from Amazon Prime claiming my membership has been stopped and I need to renew by paying £39.99

4 calls from a company claiming to be my utility supplier wanting me to change my contract to something else.

3 more calls from a gas company with a local phone number trying to get me to change systems as my contract is up soon ( untrue )

and several calls from somone from a water company telling me that Covid 19 is in the water supply and I need to buy their water purifiaction machine .

Some times I kid them on for a while.

Sometimes I try and play them at their own game.

Sometimes I ask if their Mothers know their son/daughter is a lying, thieving cheating bastard deliberately trying to deceive and steal from innocent people -

and usually that's when they hang up.

If you get caught by one of these or any of the scammes that are rife - and if you hand over your banking or credit card details, then you need your head examined as we all know these are scams and we all know to just hang up.

When a friend told me 5 years ago this super hung black guy in Ghana was wanting to come over and see him., alarm bells should have been ringing in his head instead of the picture of this stunning young black guy with this enormous dick, and when I said

' And what - exactly - would someone like that want with a balding, fat, white old man with a tiny dick and a bungalow in Hastings ' - he was all upset and said I was cruel.

Dear God - some people don't get it do they ???

I repeated many times -' Why would anyone from Ghana and who looks like the guy in the photo, want with you as - Hun - it aint because you are Brad Pitt or soime sexy young thing, IT'S BECAUSE YOU HAVE MONEY - PERIOD '- and stupidly he thought I was wrong and that the guy love dhim and he argued with me and - well - that was that - we all know how this stpory ends huh ?

You'd be right. Money was sent. Money was sent again. Money was sent yet again and when no one turned up at Heathrow on the flight from Ghana to come to the UK and see him, and after he didn't hear again, he was dead embarrassed to tell me for fear I would say TOLD YOU SO.

Was he REALLY that desperate for love and offered affection from a complete stranger thousands of miles away - as if he was - then he is a very sad case and needs to find something to occupy his time and thoughts with rather than how lonely he was.

He was adamant the guy love dhim. He was adamant it was real. He was adamant I was wrong and so suspicious of people and how I was a cold hard hearted person to be so doubtful, but when £20,000 was spent and this coming from his pension pot, which left him considerably less well off than he was before, he had no one to blame but himself.

Foolish old man. Best be lonely and rich than lonely and poor.

If something seems too good to be true, IT USUALLY IS.

If someone pays me a little too much attention, for decades I have always thought - ' And what - exactly - can I do for you ?' - as running a large escort agency back when I livd in London ( before Hammy Hall ) - I could help them earn a LOT of money and it was not me they wanted to befriend - although this was often the guise, it was to ' hang around' in case a client came by or phoned and they were here and ready...

I AM NOT A FOOL... and I would always know and be ahead by a mile.

You do not survive working in the sex industry as long as I worked in it;- and you do not survive intact emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as I did - and be a fool.

After tens of thousands of clients where I was ' the top ' - I never caugfht a thing and am HIV Negative after tens of thousands of fucks... Using my noddle as well as my willy - is what kept me sane, healthy and - kind of - sane.

TRUST NO ONE UNTIL THEY PROVE THEMSELVES TRUSTWORTHY and if it's on the phone or through e mail... DO NOT BE A FOOL AND PART WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD OR BANKING DETAILS, even if they claim to be from the bank.



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