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Gay Republican implies LGBTQ rights come “at expense of others” during convention speech

He followed up on Twitter with an attack on the Human Rights Campaign, urging corporations to stop donating to the LGBTQ civil rights group.

By Bil Browning Thursday, August 27, 2020

Richard Grenell, the out former ambassador to Germany, has made it a priority this week to talk voters into believing President Donald Trump is “the most pro-gay president in American history.” Grenell has starred in a new public relations campaign and was hired by the Republican Party to do LGBTQ-specific voter outreach.

Since Trump’s record on LGBTQ issues is atrocious, it’s been a hard sell. But Grenell’s cold shoulder to the community during his speech and subsequent Twitter attack on one of the most well-known LGBTQ civil rights organizations haven’t helped matters.

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During his primetime speech before the Republican National Convention last night, Grenell didn’t even bother to bring up the subject directly – an acknowledgment, activists say, that there are some lies so big even the Trump campaign can’t get people to believe them.

“Leading up to the RNC, Richard Grenell engaged in desperate acts of fanfare to spread lies about the Trump Administration’s anti-LGBTQ record and tonight he did not utter a mention of LGBTQ people on the main stage. He unequivocally does not speak for the vast majority of LGBTQ Americans and allies who see through the Trump Administration’s lies about its abysmal LGBTQ record,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis.

“Though Grenell will no doubt continue to misrepresent the Trump Administration’s history in an appalling attempt to sway LGBTQ people and our allies, our community will remain vigilant and point to the truth,” Ellis added. “The facts are the facts and this administration has attacked the LGBTQ community in rhetoric and policy over 170 times, even most recently arguing to the Supreme Court in favor of allowing adoption agencies to turn away LGBTQ couples.”



Instead of speaking to any specific group of potential voters, Grenell touted Trump’s nationalist “America First” policy and seemed to imply that advances in LGBTQ civil rights would come “at the expense of another” during a speech mostly focused on foreign policy.

“America First does not advance the interests of one group of Americans at the expense of another,” Grenell said during his turn at the podium. “It has no bias about red and blue, educated or not educated, urban or rural. America First is simply the belief that politicians should focus on the equality and dignity of every American, and that the duty is fulfilled by promoting the safety and wealth of the American people.”

Following his appearance on television, Grenell took to Twitter to blast the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The group had criticized his public relations campaign earlier in the day.

Grenell urged corporate sponsors to stop donating to the group, saying the companies “are supporting ugly partisanship.”

He also solicited donations for the Log Cabin Republicans, the partisan group behind the public relations campaign aimed at LGBTQ voters. The organization produced the video starring Grenell.

“‘Gaslight Grenell’ doesn’t speak for LGBTQ people or our movement.

As a gay man, ‘Gaslight Grenell’ couldn’t even say ‘gay’ or ‘LGBTQ,’ which is unsurprising, given that this administration has taken every opportunity to dehumanize LGBTQ people and undermine our basic rights. It’s also unsurprising given we have exposed Trump’s lies and Grenell’s hypocrisy in supporting him,” HRC president Alphonso David responded in an emailed statement.

Grenell’s tenure as ambassador was rocked with repeated scandals and German officials reportedly “shunned” the gay Trump sycophant, describing him as “narcissistic.” Grenell’s appointment as acting Director of National Intelligence made him the first out gay man to hold a Cabinet-level position.

After leaving his position as acting DNI, Grenell did not return to Germany and news outlets in the country gleefully reported that he would likely resign as ambassador.

From the beginning, Grenell’s appointment was controversial. His confirmation hearings were held up over a “litany of derogatory comments about women’s personal appearances” on Twitter.

As German ambassador, Grenell announced a new federal initiative to decriminalize homosexuality around the world and said it demonstrated Trump’s commitment to civil rights and the LGBTQ community. Asked about it by reporters, Trump admitted he didn’t know anything about it.

Activists have pointed out that the “sham” initiative hasn’t actually done anything.




John Bellamy Comments:

I am always shocked when I see people turn their backs on their own community that has worked so hard - so very hard - to gain whatever rights that have been achieved over the last 50 years or so since - in the UK at least - the 'Campaign For Homosexuality Equality' ( CHE ) first raised its head and we, as teenegers - joined in with the dream that one day people would accept and that we would have equal rights in law and in peoples minds and that ignorant fear based rhetoric and religious clap trap no longer fostered peoples ideas about others.

When you read about people like this man, and when you see how he is trying to take the LGBTQ community BACKWARDS and NOT forwards and when you see how destructive to a large part of the human consciousness and community this man is trying to damn, it beggars belief.

He is a traitor to LGBTQ everywhere. If he truly believes that Trump is doing good, and if he truly believes that what he says is true, then he is dellusional. For an intelligent man he is either grossly in error or trying to build a future political career by sleeping with the enemy' - - getting into bed with the bigot, the rascist, the homophobe, the pussy grabber and the con man to beat all con men - who stands for everything most if us hate and despise and who seems determined to take The United States down a road of self destruction and hatred from just about every nation on the planet, Donald 'orange face' Trump.

Why any gay man would align himself to Donald Trump is beyond me, and just as Tony Blair started rimming George Bush decades ago - and who seemed to completely change his tactics for the UK - dragging us into an illegal war when to start with, many of us were interested to see where ' New Labour' was headed and thrilled at ' something new' - but that soon went array and he soon turned into something else other than we thought and he is probably one of the most disliked people in the UK today and whose words are seen as nothing more than lies and more lies - excuses after more excuses rather than admit his mistakes - and history seems to repeat itself with these people who gain power - of some sort, and all too often it goes to their heads and they turn their backs on those who supported and believed in them and something else - something - seems to turn their heads in a very different direction.

Maybe it is the Bilderberg Group meetings - maybe one of those hidden and secret organisations that David Icke writes about - as I cannot believe anyone would turn their backs on others for money ( foolish thing to say - as of course they would ) but in this, money really isn't anything - and power and fame - last only as long as the public back you and then - like Blair or Cameron, you are definately yesterdays news while having decades left to live and survive in a country where most hate you because of your U Turns on those you once supported before you turned your back.

So does this Richard Grenell truly believe what he says or is he under some kind of mind spell or brain washing, as I find it hard to believe what he is saying comes from the mouth and mind of a gay man. If we are to survive - and if the American people are going to take back control of their country from this man who damns blacks, women, LGBTQ, Muslims, Jews and just about anyone and everyone he doesn't like, then come November the numbers had better stack up ENORMOUSLY against Trump or he will not give way, he will not move over and he will fight to stay holding the reigns and it could spell BIG TROUBLE as his followers all have guns and are gun crazy and murderous in their beliefs which Trump promotes.

When a leader promotes violence against those who oppose, then you REALLY know the country is in danger.





John Bellamy

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