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Ever fancied just disappearing ?

Ever fancied just disappearing. Hiding from the world. Going somewhere where you can live in anonymity from the world and just be who you want to be ? You can start again.

Regardless of age.

Want to 'come out' late in life and live a safe and friendly gay lifestyle without any of the down side attached ? Want to escape family and the hassles that can go along with being the one making all the decisions all the time ?

Want a new start, regardless of age, a whole new begining with new friends and live within a 'gay family.'

Leave the old 'you' behind and while there will always be a part of the old ' you ' attached, as you can never 'not be who you are/were ' as it always remains a part of you - and a new start in a new environment helps you create the person you want to be.

We had a member of staff for 2 years here a decade ago called Christian, and many of you will remember him. Brilliant worker,. Sweet friend. Excellent with the guests and on the run from the police the whole time he worked here.

I always suspected somethig was not right and never believed a word he said, but with nothing to go on and no evidence - I welcomed him to Hamilton Hall and it was the best place for him to hide away from the world. Eventually Lilly Law caught up with him as the foolish man WENT ON THE TV PROGRAMME WITH ME AND WAS RECOGNISED - and contacted by the police and so ran away and has never been seen since.

The point it, Hamilton Hall was an excellent place to hide in - not just as it is a ' home from home' but that it has everything you need and more - and is an easy venue to just reside in and - almost - never leave - if you don't want to.

Comfortable rooms. Delightful TV Lounge. Lots of new guests in and out to share and chat with - good food and company. Close to everything you need. And most of all, never boring... ha ha

Imagine living in Fawlty Towers with the Golden Girls

and all wrapped up in the Marigold Hotel.

Have you got that picture in your head yet ???

Now don't get me wrong. It is not a venue where crooks and 'shady people' come and hide out... ha ha ... not at all... but it is a place where you can step away from the world and hybernate - be at peace - do something or do nothing - follow a path or watch telly 24/7 - As with many things in life, it's your choice.

I hear from so many in the USA that Community Living is a brilliant idea and the same is said by many in the UK and here we are - ready and available for an immediate life changing experience and regardless of age - and while many other organisations have fought to attempt such a space - none have succeeded and none have had the money, the expertise, the guts, to invest and build and open such a venue - and none have trusted others with their money and their investment as - plainly - there is a lack of trust. Hamilton Hall is owned and facilitated by one person and not a ' dragging their feet to get anything done - committee'- where we make decisions instantly, the money is there and things are done . now and not in 6 months or if ever... knowing how slowly many of these groups work.

No egos at work demanding to be heard when they have nothing to say.

No wantin g all the attemtion as some so often do.

Just a pleasant relaxed environment for older men to live together with no strings attached, no demands and lots of friendship and fun and all in a venue where clothing is optional.



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