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Is America in BIG trouble ?

When asked if I thought America was in big trouble, the answer is clearly YES IT IS - BIG TIME.

We have always looked towards America as the country that is filled with more loonies, more crazies and more of everything - where everything from a burger to a car is BIGGER - where peoples bellies are BIGGER - where peoples attitudes are BIGGER and they share a belief that their country is the greatest - is BIGGER than anywhere else and if I may say so, somewhat misguidedly as it is not - and the USA has always been seen not just as a powerful country, but one of the biggest bullies, the BIGGEST BULLIES the planet has ever seen. We have seen in history how great power always ends up destroying itself by its arrogance.

Empires have been fought for in order to build, and fought for which have destroyed. Nothing and no one has ever lasted forever, even the British Empire or the many others throughout history, all have had their time.

China closed itself off from the rest of the world so it could maintain its culture and where did it get them ? From being an extremly advanced country - it slid to being a backward country because of its closure to the rest of the world and a simple thing NOT invented in China that held them back for centuries, was glass. Without it their scientists had to stop working early as they could not see ( no spectacles ) science was thwarted - no microscopes - telescopes, and all sorts which use glass, were not available and China

slipped to being a backward country.

Today - it is at the forefront of most global technologies and ready to take on the world in manufacturing, sciences, technology, farming and just about everything, but human rights... as to build an empire always comes on the backs of the poor and those who do the building.

America needs to learn a lesson from the past and see how being the bully, trying to show the world you are the alpha - will only work if you do so and your people are happy, your country financially secure and your laws apply to everyone and not just the elite.

Sadly, America is currently run by a man who does not care for the common people, he does not care for small business or anyone and anything outside of his own friends and corporate greed. Corruption is rife and the country is being bled dry. The bully at the helm is destroying the USA and he simply does not care.

Human rights are being massively eroded and destroyed and when you look at how Trump claims to have done more for the LGBTQ community than any other president, you have to assume this man has dementia or something else wrong with him as that is absolute bollocks. Trouble is, if you repeat the lie often enough, people start to beliebe it is true ...

Trump is destroying anything decent and good about America.

He is giving permission for the Red Necks, Bigots, Racist, Homophobes, White Supremists and anyone with a gun who has a beef - to come forward and to blatantly promote violence against all minority groups - and even womens reproductive rights are being taken out of the hands and control of women and it is men who are now making the decisions and womens rights about abortion are taken away from them.

The bully reigns supreme currently and if this continues, America is doomed and the rest of the world watches and cries for this once great nation and its massive fall from grace.

It is not a question of

'Is America in Big Trouble'

as the quote should be

'America IS in Big Trouble.'

I do hope that by the time of the election in th USA in November, he looses with a MASSIVE loss as anything like a split vote - or a 50/50 or even 60/40 - Trump will say it is fake news, incorrect and illegal and will stay in the White House and this could spell BIG TROUBLE all over the country as his gun wieilding supporters will cause and create a civil war within the USA and this could spell the end of this once great nation.

Is America in trouble - YES IT IS.


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