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more tollerance required

Since the lockdown was eased in the UK -

people seem to have suffered more than many realise.

The lack of common sense - the lack of dercent manners - the lack of thinking about others and how they may be affected by all this and the lack of tollerance being offered seems to be greatly reduced on what it was before the lockdown.

People seem to be acting in selfish ways - through and through - and we see it here in Bournemouth with the disgraceful way some tourists are abusing our town and acting in appalling ways unseen since people started going to Spain in the '60's and getting us all a bad reputation abroad with their ' don't care attitiude.'

I had an e mail today from someone 'mentioning' how I should run my business and how he wanted to stay but my attitude put him off - and this coming from someone I considered a time waster after 4 or 5 e mails were received over a week long period, where he changed his mind on what he wanted 4 times, and then couldn't make the booking until - blah blah blah - and then when he did want to make the booking 4 or 5 days later - the space was no longer available as someone else who DID know what they want and were ready to make the booking, got in ahead of someone I thought was wasting my time. We do get tons of time wasters who deliberately set about messing us about and if you act in that manner, you may be ignored and / or refused as well - and then I see no reason to complain to me when if offered a professional and proficient approach to business, you will be offered the same in return, but if you mess with me, you will be the looser.

This is the time when we ALL know that we have ALL gone through the shit - the wringer - the worry and the stress of WTF is going on - with my business - with my job - with my finances - with my family shut away and beyond my seeing them - with what is happening globally as well as financially and with our own government, the appalling orator Boris Johnson waffling incoherantly - the NHS and all the elderly dying and having underlying health conditions myself - as most of us in our 60's will have - we - all of us - have enough to worry about without foolish people acing in a foolish manner.

We all need to try and offer our best. Like in the war days when my Grandmother told me everyone pulled together as they were all in this together and no self centred ME ME ME attitude was allowed - yet sadly, here in the 2020's we are seeing SO MUCH ME ME ME attitude and ' Fuck the rest of them'' approach and this has got to change if we are to move forward and create - build and support a new way forward for us all.

Clearly it is going to be a very long time before we get back to anything approaching ' normal ' again and we have all got to get use to the way things are these days or sink - and if we do not learn to swim with the tide instead of against it, we will be sucked under.

Face masks. Less shopping on foot and more by buying 'on line.' - Stocking up on food stocks and candles etc. as winter approaches and more lockdowns may be initiated - and as we leave one lockdown period and we enter the winter months, there is a lot to do to prepare and change about how we have all - done things - and we all need to pull together and work towards a mutually gratifying future where changes that affect us all, does so minimally and we can move forward in harmony - with less people poulling against, as that REALLY just makes that person look foolish and does not help in the bigger scheme of things.

Let's work together. Offer understanding and thought for others besides your self. Selfish attitudes, these days - are out of place and you will be left out of things if all you think about is yourself.


Hamilton Hall offers support and understanding during and throughout this time and are here to help and guide where we can. Remembering that we are all going through this together, we have a weekend planned -


OCTOBER 2nd - 4th 2020

£150 with All Meals / Refreshments 24/7 Delightful overnight accommodation

where we can all come togeter and share the laughter and the tears, the fun and the loneliness that we experienced during lockdown and where we just need to share - to talk - to have someone understand and hear what we went through and who can offer understanding and a sympathetic ear - as once we are heard and once we are understood - it eases hugely the load we carry. Knopwing we are not alone and that others also have a story to share - where we shall ALL listen and from the heart, be there for those who have come to share - and we can all move foreard in harmony.

A very relaxed and informal couple of days together with our stories of survival. After all, we did it back in the 80's - we survived a pandemic the gay world went through with little support from the outside world for some years - and we came through intact - kind of - and this is no different.

By offering th best of yourself - which is something I recently had a lesson in myself - made me aware of a lot of thiongs and how we are all in this together.


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