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When I was in my 20's I visited New Zealand with a group of university friends from old and we all decided to do a naked bungee jump. Typically, not a single picture was taken so you only have my word for it but we did it.,- all 6 of us naked. The freezing cold air blowing roung my bits was not as much fun on an otherwise sunny day, as I thought it would have been. Talk about shrinkage. David.

I often strip naked in the New Forest when walking my dog on a sunny afternioon. I have found a couple of very isolated and quiet areas and can easiLy spend a couple of hours walking without seeing another soul. Dennis.

I drive a truck for a living. Up and down the country. Hitch hikers are a rare find these days - not like 30 years ago - and I remember this one guy who - on a really hot afternoon, I picked up just outside Southampton on route for Cardiff in Wales, and he was going all the way to Cardiff so it made a change to have company.

He immediately stripped down to his shorts and T shirt ( no air con in those days ) and asked if I minded - and when I said not at all that he could take it all off as far as I was concerned - and he did. He dropped his shorts and took off his top and with the wind

blowing through on a sunny hot day, it made me as horny as hell. When we pulled in later for coffee ( in a flask ) I also stripped and we drove for most the way talking sex talk about guys and girls we have fucked and all sorts of dirty talk most the way and driving with a hard on is a distraction. And yes, he gave me head and I came while still driving and it was a memorable experience. He would sit up and show off his cock to other passing vehicles and you'd see them swerve while trying to check it out. Made for one memorable afternoon drive. Cliff.

Going to the bank naked. Going to the supermarket naked. Going out for dinner to a rather nice restaurant in the evening, naked. All were turns ons and fantasies until I went a few years ago to Cap d’Agde in France. Rented an apartment with a friend and stayed 2 weeks and didn't want top come home. Took clothes with us but didn't need them and while some people wear things in the evenings, we were determined not to and to stay naked the whole 2 weeks.

It was fan - tas - tic. George.

Driving from Nebraska to Boston with a car and a truck - the two of us drove a vehicle each and almost the entire journey naked. We would stop at truck stops late in the evening - en route - and just use the facilities naked and other truckers just either looked on and ignored, or at two stops, it caused a scene where several truckers got naked with us. This was summer and hot hot hot and it was so much cooler naked and so sensuous that I drove almost the whole time with a semi stiffy. To feel the warm air on your body as you drove - to drive through cities and know that people in buses could look in and see you - to know you were naked at traffic lights and pedestrians could see in, made it all the more fun. This was before mobile phones and cameras all over the place.

It was a week long journey across America and is one of my best memories.

John Bellamy

John. I live in South Africa where I have a farm. A couple of thousand acres of dairy farm. I live on my own and have some very good staff that help me and glad to say, they are also gay. We spend a lot of time - when not working - naked outdoors and we have a lake filled by a stream on the grounds and spend many a happy hour naked just swimming and cooling off together. As you can imagine, my crew are all built for days - from handling the cattle, and I am always aware what a fantasy life I have, surrounded by real cowboys, naked. Russ.

I downloaded these pictures from the web and if you have any of yourself in strange locations, naked, do share them with us through this blog.

e mail them to be here at

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