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White Women's Tears

She pulled right out in front of me and only because I braked sharply did I avoid hitting her vehicle. She gave me the finger but could not drive away as the traffic had stopped - so I got out and approached her car.

Her window was open as as I stated that all she had to do was put her hand up to apologise and NOT give me the finger when it was CLEARLY her fault - she looked up at me from inside the car and said in the most patronising manner -

' Ah, did you have to put your lickle footie wootie on the bwakey wayey then ?'

I could have hit her.

Not only was she avoiding taking responsibility for how she nearly caused a serious car crash, she then patronised me with treating me like a child and all I could think to answer in return was

' With an attitude like that lady, you will grow old and all alone.'

That was decades ago but I remember it well.


CLICK HERE to watch a fun video concerning this

and HERE as well

and if you have not seen enough - HERE as well...


That's what many women assume they are - entitled - to behave and say and do whatever they like as they are special - they are Number One - and especially men, are beneath them, beneath contempt - and you wonder how on Earth these entitled monsters manage in the real world.

We are seeing it in the USA.

BOY are we seeing it in the USA.

It's also here in the UK with these 'things' walking amongst us acting like human beings but all they are doing is looking for reasons, excuses, to misbehave and then play the tearful victim. It gets them attention. It gets them noticed, It also sometimes gets them into trouble as 'KARENS' are now well known and seen as a danger to society but still they percervere with their racist, homophobic, elitist bitoted rants against - mostly - men.

Women - especially - screaming abuse at shop staff when asked to wear a mask as laid down in law.

Woman screaming that a certain black man is threatening her when all he has asked is for her dog to be put on a leash in a park that required it.

Women parking wherever they like and screaming abuse when asked to move.

It seems that some women have taken it upon thmselves to be the guardians of society - or at least - their surroundings and NOT society at large, and make demands of those around them as if they were the Queen or something.

They scream abuse at others while claiming to be the victim.

If not for mobile phone video coverage, which shows exactly who is the perpetrator of the incident and who is the screamer throwing abuse, an innocent victim is accused and arrested and all because some women has a melt down when told to behave - or told to wear a mask - or told her driving was appalling - and they simply cannot take the responsibility for their own actions and attack others in return.

The best form of defence - is attack - and these entitled women are a menace and a problem we will all face at some time or another.

In Aldi recently I was at the receiving end of an entitled women screaming at me for standing too close, even though I was wearing a mask and was well away from her. I responsed with ' stupid women - grow the fuck up' and I walked away and left her there screaming to herself and - I was pleased to say - everyone else just looked at her as if she was nuts - which clearly - there was something else going on there...

Women who like to throw abuse at men and then play the victim card.

Women who cannot take responsibility for their actions and so throw the blame onto others and again, turn on the tears and play act the hurt one, the victim.

Have you had a bad intercourse with a women in a shop or somewhere ? Drop a line and share with us here.


Your e mails

John: A Karen told me to put my dog on a lead and when I asked her why - she actually answered ' Because I told you to.'- and I just told her to go fuck herself and to learn to say please.'

She responded that she didn't need to say please and that I should do as she told me.

Again I responded with how I am not her child and I am not her nagged husband and that she may be able to get away with being a Karen at home but here and now she can go fuck herself.

She started crying and this just made me laugh - loudly - and as I walked away I shouted ' Bye Karen.' - which absolutely infuriated her, I could see she was furious, but as by now I had my pohone out and was recording, she pulled her tiny dog with such a force to follow her out of the park the poor thing was hanging off the end of the leash as she yanked him along...


When a women in Tesco thought she was too good to que to pay and just shoved past me, I grabbed her trolley and yanked it out of her hands - which made her scream - and I pushed her trolley as hard as I could away from where I was standing making her go and fetch it but NOT from in front of me which was where she was trying to force herself. Others looking on were open mouthed and I juist said - loudly - 'Queus like everyone else and stop trying to queus jump.' That's when the water works were switched on and she started to blubber and I just turned my back and completely ignored her. I was with a friend and we deliberately started chatting in order to ignore but when she started wailing - and John I mean WAILING in tears - and where EVERYONE was looking at her - ' I turned round and loudly stated ' BEHAVE YOURSELF AND STOP ACTING LIKE A KAREN.' and it stopped her dead in her wailing tracks, and looking around, realised she was getting nowhere and how everyopne was juist staring at her - she stormed out of the shop leaving a triolley load of food behind. An old lady at the next checkout looked over and winked at me and mouthed ' Well done'- and we shared a smile. Robbie.

My oldest daughter came back from school one day and tried to give me a Karens attitde and was smacked down to size straight away. (metaphorically speaking ) She was told in no uncertain terms by me and her Mother that that was going to stop here and now and how she was no more entitled to anything in life that anyone else, regardless of color etc. and she tried turning on the tears but was sent to her room to think about what we had said and how we were NOT going to tollerate the whole Karen mentality. My wife was completely supportive and as a gay dad, I have a great deal more understanding and tollerance to teach than an average straight dad, but there are some things we will not tollerate and that Karen attitude is not welcome in our house. My Daughter was 13 at the time and glad to say, she has not shown it since.


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