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OAP - a weekend for us old farts

As a gay men getting older - this can be isolating as many within the gay scene just see you as old.

Not as a mature man.

Not as someone with experience.

Not as someone who has survived

Not as someone - all too often - to even talk to.

You are old and past it - as far as many young gay guys are concerned.

Many just ignore us.

Many patronise.

Many be little and many simply have absolutely no idea how to behave around us old farts

The only blessing is - hopefully - these youngsters without a clue will grow to be our age, our senior age, and I hope they remember back to how obnoxius they were to us older gays and feel ashamed. Maybe they will learn.

Maybe they will get it.

Glad to say there will - also - always be those who prefer us older men. Want us for the fact that we have survived and have a story - or two - to share. Our wisdom. Our experiences. Our living through illegal decades where we could be jailed just for being gay - or beaten by scared men afraid of us, and not having spent a life where being gay is legal and where two men can even marry. WE lived and survived through another pandemic of HIV and are stll here.

Us OAP's often need our own space,

our own people, to share with and hence this


or a weekend for

us older farts

September 25th - 27th 2020

£125 inclusive BB&EM

A weekend for retired men over a certain age to come and relax with other ' old farts' and share a relaxed ' no pressure' weekend with no attitude, no 'put downs' by young 'up themselves' cuties and where we can all just relax and enjoy a clothing optional weekend together and share a laugh.

This has been a lonely year for many. Lockdown alone - Few visitors - Even people in the street avoid eye contact or talking. Hidden behind a mask. Unknown to any of us. This has all been new. Watching the news in trepidation. Listening to Boris waffle and confuse. Fear seemed to rule the day. Time for a weekend of laughter and togetherness in a safe and healthy manner and where social distancing and treble cleaning is constantly in place.

Come and relax and shed your inhibitions and let yourself go...

Us older men are survivors. We have survived HIV - We will survive Covid 19 and we shall survive long enough to show and tell generations to come what we lived through. Gay men throughout history were the shamen - the healer - the story tellers - and we shall continue to share our wisdoms for generations to come.


There is beauty in everyone.

You just need to know how to look.


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