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Hairy V Smooth

I get all sorts of requests from you guys and the predominant seems to be for the more masculine and hairy men, and I thought I'd ask you for your input on this.

Many hairy men - shave their bodies - which always seems like a cardinal sin to me - me the smooth as silk man who would love to be hairy and ever since childhood, looked at older boys in school who were - and I have always been attracted to the hairier types - although enjoy both hairy and smooth, but it is hairy that always gets my dick hard without question.

Another question that could be asked - is Cut V Un Cut. Circumsised V Uncircumsised.

I was cut as a baby and have absolutely no problems with it. In fact, by being cut early enabled my dick head to grow big and not be stunted by a tight foreskin like so many men. As a sex worlker I saw and handeled tens of thousands of erect dicks and sad to say - many uncut cock smelled badly, dribbled smegma which some times tirned into cottage cheese and their dick head was stunted in its growth by the foreskin. Many - were not clean and many would not come back over the dick head. Given a choice, I actually prefer uncut as I love foreskins, but it has to be one of the nice ones as they are out there - and fact: Circumsision is cleaner. Too many smelly uncut cocks and especially in hot climates - hence circumsision started in hot countries. The dick head gets a chance to expand to its full potential without a tight foreskin restricing its growth.

If your foreslkin is one of the nice ones and comes / rolls right back and forth for sex, I LOVE THIS... and is the best thing... Circumsision - they say - also takes a man longetr to cum as his head is less sensitive and that also depends on the foreskin as some are and some are not, and I am

sure that as my dick has been so mawled and cheewed and sucked and fucked and put through all sorts of party games in my time, it is not as sesiotive as many and when i fuck, is perfect for those who like a long long fuck as I can last forever... It is not as quick at cumming as many uncut cocks.

There are benefits for both - share yours with us here - share your dick story.


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