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Your advice is requested - What can we do to help ?

The gay community is dying.

Bars have not re opened.

Many Hotels & B&B's have remained closed.

Saunas are limited on what is available and some have not bothered re opening.

In Bournemouth 3 years ago we lost 2 bars and a night club. Closed never to re open.

Since lockdown / quarantine - 2 more bars have not re opened and there is no other gay hotel in town - and with the sauna being open for jaccuzi only - there are no venues for gay men to meet other gay men - whether it be naked in a sauna or in a bar / restaurant - and I have a request from you.

What can Hamilton Hall do that can offer the gay world ( men ) a place to visit - to socialise and without a booze license - can financially cover our costs while offering a place to meet other local gay guys.

Nothing tacky.

Nothing sleazy.

Nothing abusive to my facilities and what is offered.

And where you pay to come in and use the facilities but NOT for humpy pumpy in my lounge. If that's all you want, then rent a room.

Suggestions for a weekly or even monthly meeting - maybe a weekday evening - something you can suggest that is legal, decent, sought after and wanted and is not too much extra work for us here as we have enough to do.

Maybe you could host an event here weekly - if you live locally - something you enjoy sharing with others.

We have a venue. WE can offer brilliant dinner parties.

Social Evenings

Coffee Mornings

Naturist events

Movie Nights...

Your suggestions help us formulate what is needed and what is wanted and if and where we can, we will open and work and offer and help rebuild a scene of some kind for those who do not use grindr or who seek friends only 'on line.' This is for those who enjoy company, in a safe environment, for mind, body and soul.

Suggestions to

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