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Black Lives Matter

Let me start by saying I truly believe that


Having said that - in the UK, Black LiveS Matter is not as powerful, not as demanded and not as passionate about the way the police treat the black community - as however bad it may be perceived - it is childs play compared to the USA.

To anyone who wants to argue this point, GO LIVE IN THE USA AND CLAIM IT IS AS BAD IN THE UK - as fact - our police might be rascist and bigoted and a problem of sorts, BUT AT LEAST THEY DO NOT HAVE GUNS AND ARE NOT SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE BACK.

When a black man is shot 7 times in his back at close range in front of his children :-

When a man has his throat knealt on with full force for a considerable time until suffocation:-

When a young girl of 14 is slam dunked into the sidewlak for absolutely no reason:-

When police are called to help a Mother with her autistic teenage son who is having a ' melt down' and is shot several times while hiding in his closet:-

When police shove a 75 year old black man to the ground and just ignore the fact he is laying motionless on the ground with a pool of blood forming around his head and NOTHING is done to assist:-

When police raid THE WRONG HOUSE and scream at a blind deaf old ( black ) lady to get out of bed and when she doesn't - she is shot numerous times:-

When the President of the USA uses the police to tear gas and pepper spray innocent protestors from outside a church he wants to use for a photo opportunity:-

and when the people stand up and scream they are fed up with the murderous police - and organise into BLACK LIVES MATTER to stand united in solidarity against the treatment dished out at the hands of the police and the state / government - then I FULLY support anyone who stands up against the murderers who - with impunity - are getting away with what comes over as State Sanctioned Murder of those within the black communities.

It is almost as if the government, police and those in power, want to cause and create a situation where they can claim the upper hand if and when the public have had enough and stand up against the bad murderers and a mass of people take to the streets and all the media and officials claim is that it is rioting and mayhem that MUST be brought back under lawful control, and anyone rioting or amongst those standing strong against the police, are ciminals and it is ' open season' to continue the abuse and the strong armed action and the murder using flimsy excuses to get clean away with it and BLACK LIVES MATTER is even more essential in the USA than anyone here in the UK can even vaguely dream of. It is horrendous when you cannot trust those paid and trained to SERVE & PROTECT.

Hundreds die every year at the hands of the cops.

Scores are shot and murdered for absolutely nothing at all, and even if these people are wanted on some charges of some kind, murdering people is not up to the police who are suppose to SERVE AND PROTECT - not shoot at the earliest convenience - as who protects you from the police.

BRITAINS GOT TALENT - this year had the dance group DIVERSITY do a routine that was fully in support of BLM and ITV received thousands of complaints, and I have have to wonder WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN - as they are as bad as those who pull the triggers - by not caring - not worrying - not helping their fellow man who are being attacked in public - in full view of us all - and where men, women and children are being slaughtered by the police and these people moan about a dance designed to show solidarily ?

They moan when the lead dancer 'bends the knee' in support and appreciation, and shows in a stunning routine a little of what is going on ?

Who are these people who complain - if not - bigots - racist - uncaring assholes who don't give a damn about anyone but themselves and to complain about a dance routine that had me on the edge of my seat in tears - as it was truly mesmerizing in its story telling - and I take my hat off to ITV and Diversity for being brave enough - in the present climate of panic and contoversy - to have offered us such good TV. and with such a powerful message ?

All Lives Matter - Absolutely - and when the police are murdering innocent white men and women in the streets, in their cars and in their homes - and when 'the syetem' seems deliberately aimed at destruction of our local communities the way it is the black community of the USA;- and when white folk are treated as appallingly - every day - in almost every situation and where we are racially profiled and put in a box ( metaphorically speaking ) and judged because of our skin tone alone, and then when we are bullied, beaten and strangled just because of the colour of our skin - then and ONLY then does a white person have the balls to speak up and claim BLM does not mean anything. In the meantime, quite simply, MOST WHITE PEOPLE HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA.

In Bournemouth, I know a lot of women who would not go out at night - in certain areas - for fear of being accosted, mugged, robbed, raped - you name it --- and we men do not even give that a thought, we just go where we want with little thought of the consequences as it simpy - rarely - VERY rarely - happens to us - but for women - it is a constant consideration. Now imagine that was the case anywhere and everywhere - Imagine you could not feel safe going to MacDonalds - to the bank - driving in your own car - shopping - sitting in the park or even in your own home - Just imagine how you could live under such pressure and fear. FROM THE VERY PEOPLE PAID TO SERVE AND PROTECT. Any time there was a problem, the last person you would call would be the police. The very last - as how many people who have called the police with reference to a crime they witnessed or was the victim of a crime, ended up being handcuffed and arrested and the perpetrator let go.

It happens more than you know.

Black Lives Matter - VERY MUCH SO - even if not as severely as it does in the USA, which is where all this started.

ALL LIVES MATTER and when you feel your life is in danger every time you go out, at the hands of the police - and when you are threatened and racially profiled and called a criminal even though you are not;- and when you are arrested as someone who ' looked like the description' of a ciminal that has done a crime and you are - unfortunately - in the area :- and when your rights are withheld and you are treated like scum and beaten for no reason BY THE POLICE - then and only then can you vaguely understand and comprehend what many go through daily.

White people haven't the faintest clue what is it like to be so profiled - and we have absolutely no idea what it is like to be treated in this manner. all your life. It is no wonder the black community and the police have such a bad relationship. The police, are to blame largely.,- while trying to uphold the law, they all too often break it.

John Bellamy


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