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Guess what we did in Brussels last night ?

Hate and violence against LGBT+ people in Poland have reached a boiling point. Polish politicians have declared LGBT+ people

"enemies of the state"

and denounce them as "an ideology". And around 100 Polish municipalities have declared themselves

"LGBT-free zones."

Polish LGBT+ people are citizens of the EU and their rights must be protected. These attacks on LGBT+ lives in Poland must end NOW.

More than 340,000 All Out members – including you John – have joined forces and signed our petition to the European Commission.

Yesterday morning, I went to Brussels and, together with Marcin Rodzinka from KPH, our Polish partner group, delivered the signatures to the EU Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli.

We went to the EU with a loud and clear demand from 340,000 people: take action on Poland NOW. The petition also represents a message of love and solidarity from across the world to the LGBT+ community in Poland: we hear you and we will stand with you.

But we wanted to really make sure the EU can't ignore your message, John.

So we came back in the evening and lit up the headquarters of the European Commission with a massive projection.

John, watch the video of the projection and dial up the pressure on the European Commission by sharing it on social media.



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